ACUAD Consulting and Investment Company was established in 2013 and was a product of unifying the specialized expertise in its field.

We at ACUAD Company always strive to meet the requirements and aspirations of our customers and clients who are primarily our honorary partners around the world, with a high level of professionalism, quality and long-term follow-up. We are also keen to establish the concepts of trust and mutual trust between ACUAD and our partners.

Our distinguished experience in ACUAD Consulting and Investment enabled us to gain the trust of our high-ranking partners from foreign and Turkish clients, this is a result of our commitment to our principles and values of the profession over the past years. We have combined real estate consultancy with legal services, so our role was to provide advisory, legal, and services (real estate advisory services, buying and selling, registration procedures, commercial investments, follow-ups, legal services, and after-sales services)

We at ACUAD and through our distinguished experts and advanced methods provide fast solutions and reliable reports to our clients with the highest level of professional accuracy. All that stems from our professional awareness that motivates us to develop our skills and contribute to the development of professional community in our country.

Our Principles

  • Compliance with ethical and legal codes
  • Always maintaining the interests of our customers at the highest levels
  • Never compromise on quality and leadership in our work
  • Not waiving justice in any way
  • Preserving our customers' trade information with professionalism and honesty

Our Vision

To become the first and best choice for investors from around the world in Turkey.

  • We also look forward to take our place among the leading real estate consultancy companies in the world, and to be distinguished by providing our services with the required professionalism.

Our Mission 

  • Providing risk-free investment opportunities for our customers, through our professional risk management, enhanced by profitable and sustainable projects that we provide.
  • We aim to provide a safe future for our customers and partners, based on the combination of a safe, reliable, legal environment, and ethical values that we believe and believe in.


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Why you should choose us?

We are competent in Turkish Trade law and commercial investment, provides professional consulting, and speak Arabic too.

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