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Real estate consultancy from the ACUAD Consulting and Investment Company in Turkey
ACUAD provides advisory role free of charge, and the study includes initial and basic expectations in the real estate field for foreign investors in Turkey in several aspects that are carefully studied, as these studies must be done for real estate investments, such:
  • Providing general information about the property to be invested with an analysis of its market value.
  • Study the costs of the investment project, the official expenses, and taxes dues.
  • The time interval which is needed for the property to be launched officially.
  • Project revenue within a year and expectations of profit increase.
  • Price comparison of the project compared to similar projects in the region to choose the best project price.
  • Supply and demand study in the region and the project in particular to provide an easy selling opportunity later.
  • Study the legal aspect of the project and inspect the legalisation of the property, the title deed, mortgages and debts.
  • Developing prospects for potential and expected risks that no longer exist with ACUAD, as it deals with safe and secure projects only.
  • With the increase in the demand for real estate investment in Turkey by foreigners, especially among them the Arabs. The investment risks and the risk of loss decreased mostly in completed real estate projects, especially the projects that were completed with the guarantee of the Turkish government, which in turn gave security needed for investors in Turkish real estate market.

Here are the best investment options in the real estate market, which is the result of ACUAD’s experience in Turkish real estate investment market for more than five years:
  • 1 Buying a residential apartment in a project under construction in a vital, modern, developed area, desirable by foreign investors in general and by Turkish investors in particular. Then reselling it upon the completion of the project construction completion and taking its housing from the municipality and the issuance of the final title deed in it (Tabu). This option is considered the most popular and the most profitable among all investment plans.
  • 2 Buying a residential apartment in a ready-made housing project in a desirable area for Turkish residents, and ensuring a fixed rental income.
  • 3 Investing in agricultural lands for sale with strategic locations that may be included in the organizational plans of cities and the possibility of building residential complexes on them later.
  • 4 Real estate development by buying and developing an old property or rebuilding it, and selling it later.
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