Opening Bank Account in Turkey

Residents in Turkey open a bank account to facilitate their transactions to benefit from the services provided by Turkish banks. In this article, we present to you the types of bank accounts, the method and papers required to open them.

  • 1
    Current Account:

    It is possible to withdraw and deposit at any time. It is an unlimited account and does not result in any profits

  • 2
    Participation Account:

    It is an account that allows the division of returns within the circle of profit and loss, and does not specify the rate of return at the beginning in this system, but in the end yes

  • 3
    Gold Current Account:

    It is the type of account that evaluates savings in the form of gold or other metals. There are other types of accounts like Term Savings Account, Insurance etc.

Documents required to open a bank account in Turkey:
  • Passport
  • Turkish residence number, if available
  • Address proof document
  • Tax Number
Steps to open a bank account in Turkey:
  • Take out an address proof document
  • Attend in person to the tax department to obtain the tax number
  • After that, you can open any account in any bank you want
  • A bank account for non-residents in Turkey can be opened by performing complete transactions online
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