Documents required to apply for Turkish citizenship in general:

1- A copy of the applicant's passport, translated into Turkish.

2- A document translated into the Turkish language containing all the information related to the applicant duly.

3- A document showing the civil status of the applicant.

4-Copies of the passports of the wife and children in case the applicant is married

Note: All these papers must be translated into Turkish and certified by the notary and the mayor

5- A document proving that he is able to support himself and his family by obtaining a work permit

6- A copy of a document for his relatives holding citizenship, whether they are of the first or second degree, if any.

7- Foreigners must obtain a residence permit for five years without interruption, and for those of Turkish origin, a two-year residence permit is required to be able to apply for Turkish citizenship.

Foreigners who have Turkish origins must bring documents that prove this, and they must be translated and certified.

8-if the applicant has been punished for a crime before, he must present the court’s decision through a document.

9- Attach the payment receipt for the service value.

Documents required to apply for Turkish citizenship through real estate:

1- A copy of the title deed document for real estate owned by the investor

2- An original copy of the real estate appraisal deed in Turkey for the properties he owns.

3- Bank receipts for the amounts paid for real estate purchased in Turkey.

4- A receipt from the seller or the originating company.

Note: Both receipts must be stamped by the Turkish bank through which the amount was sent.

5- A copy of the buyer's passport

6- Personal photos number 21

7- A paper free of any criminal judgments in Turkey.

8- Fill out the application form for obtaining Turkish citizenship.

Papers required to apply for Turkish citizenship through a bank deposit:

1- A document proving the civil status of the investor from his home country.

2- A document proving the date of birth certified by the investor, and if he is married and has children under 18, it is also required of them.

3- Translated and certified copies of passports for all included family members.

4-4 personal photos of the investor and each member of the family included.

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