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Investment in Turkey is one of the destinations approached by foreigners and Turks in general, , due to offers available from the Turkish government to investors has opened the door for all foreign and Turkish investors. These options were represented by several sectors that we list with their most prominent features.

Real Estate Investment

Real estate investment in Turkey is a pioneering field in various Turkish cities, although it is a long-term investment, but it is one of the safest investments in the world because its guaranteed profits, whether it is under construction or ready-made property. The percentage of profits varies, influenced by several factors such as the area, the location, the view, the most important of which is its proximity to the main services and vital projects.

Industrial Investment

Turkey is considered a destination for traders and industrial investors, as it has an enormous industrial production treasury, so this investment became successful and followed real estate investment in terms of arrangement at the Turkish level. Industrial investment has opened many doors to market requirements such as industrial machinery, manpower, marketing and administration, prompting the Turkish state to support this sector in several ways.

Health Investment

Many investors decided to enter the health sector, which prompted them to open private hospitals and select Turkish and foreign doctors with extensive scientific experience. Investments have also been active in the field of medical laboratories, including but not limited to CT and dentistry. The sectors also varied, including pharmaceutical factories and medical equipment factories, the most important of which is health insurance companies, and Turkey is one of the countries in the world that produces the most intensive care beds and was distinguished in the period of the Corona pandemic, which afflicted the world with the manufacture of ventilators, which was widely welcomed worldwide. In this regard, the World Health Organization (WHO) has opened a representative office in Turkey, and praised the positive Turkish role at the state and global level in fighting the Corona pandemic and all its consequences.

Tourism Investment

In the last two decades, tourists have been greatly attracted to Turkey. The year 2020 witnessed the arrival of around 40 million tourists to Turkey, to visit touristic sites such as mosques, museums, and other archaeological sites. A number of tourists also approached medical tourism, which positively affected the tourism sector and encouraged many investors to invest in tourism agencies and hotels.

Commercial Investment

The fields of trade in Turkey vary from import and export, in addition to trade in foodstuffs, detergents, clothes, accessories, fabrics, and others, which draws the attention of investors to achieve good profits.

Also, Turkey's position which is considered the link between the European and Asian continents, encouraged investment in it, and made it a destination for investors interested in global trade. The new Istanbul airport also added a positive logistical touch, encouraging the turnout of major companies that relied on logistics as a service they provide to their customers.

Animal Investment

Turkey has a large number of animal production farms, which makes investment in them highly viable, as it produces eggs, milk and meat of all kinds in huge quantities with the possibility of relatively easy marketing when dealing with wholesale and retail trade due to its large consumption due to the population of more than 80 million people to achieve This sector has good earnings.

Agricultural Investment

Turkey possesses fertile agricultural land because it contains farms and fields due to its climate, the diversity of its seasons and the abundance of rain, to take the characteristic of an agricultural state that produces thousands of types of citrus fruits, vegetables and fruits, so that this sector is a distinctive vital sector and investment in it is considered one of the most successful at the state level.

Educational Investment

Turkey is a destination for students from different countries to study in it, which made it one of the advanced countries in the field of education, as it has government and private universities with international levels that offer various types of sciences, literature and graduate studies to make the education sector one of the sectors that investors resort to by opening kindergartens and schools of various stages. Apart from universities, employing the most qualified professors and teachers in this field, and competing with other schools and universities.

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