Ways To Obtain Turkish Citizenship

According to Turkish laws, there are several types of applications for Turkish citizenship, and there are many ways to obtain it, including:
  • General application, where a foreigner can apply for it, but the condition that its conditions are fulfilled: that the period of residence in Turkey has exceeded five years without interruption, fluent in the Turkish language, has a source of income, healthy from diseases, not less than 18 years old, no disability Public order, and to be of good character.
  • Exceptional application, in this case, the usual conditions are not considered, but the foreigner obtains citizenship through an offer from the ministry, or through a petition to be filled out approved by the Turkish Ministry of Interior and the General Migration Department.
  • An economic investment or the purchase of a property or several properties with a value of more than 250 thousand dollars.
  • A work permit for a period of five years, is allowed to take a vacation, provided that it does not exceed 6 months.
  • Marriage to a Turkish citizen
  • To have Turkish origins and prove this through documents and papers.
  • Adoption: Minors have the right to citizenship if they are adopted by a Turkish family.

Conditions for obtaining Turkish citizenship through real estate:
  • The total real estate price should be more than 250 thousand dollars, to be paid by bank transfer from the buyer to the seller.
  • The investor pledges not to sell the property until the completion of three years from the date of purchase, so that the investor signs a pledge with the commercial registry that he will not transfer the ownership of the property to anyone within 3 years to run for Turkish citizenship.
After completing the purchase process, an assessment must be made of the properties owned by the investor who wants to obtain Turkish citizenship. This task is carried out by companies licensed by the Turkish government, and the assessment is usually taken within three days and the validity of this assessment extends to only three months.

Stages of obtaining citizenship through real estate investment:
  • Real estate appraisal. As mentioned earlier.
  • Extracting the real estate document from the Land Registry Office.
  • The remaining documents and papers mentioned in the Noter office are prepared, after which they are delivered to the main office in Ankara.
As for the rest of the procedures, it is within the competence of the Turkish government, until the naturalization decision is signed by the President of the Republic.

Documents required to apply for Turkish citizenship through real estate:
  • A copy of the title deed document for real estate owned by the investor
  • An original copy of the real estate appraisal deed in Turkey for the properties he owns.
  • Bank receipts for the amounts paid for real estate purchased in Turkey.
  • Receipt from the seller or the originating company.
  • Note: Both receipts must be stamped by the Turkish bank through which the amount was sent.

  • A copy of the buyer's passport
  • 2 personal photos
  • A paper free of any criminal judgments in Turkey.
  • Fill out the application form for obtaining Turkish citizenship.
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