Istanbul being one of the big players between the major cities around the world, especially with the residential complexes in terms of luxury and ease of lifestyle.

Istanbul's residential complexes are one of the most demanding market to buy a property in, because these properties contain distinctive integrated services that attract people.

Istanbul contains  huge number of residential compounds that are along the beautiful city.

These compounds are distinguished by advanced and modern infrastructure, which compete in standard specifications with the most luxurious global compounds, because of distinctive services that made social life smooth and flexible.

The number of residential complexes with advanced standard specifications increased in the area of Başakşehir more than a hundred residential compounds, and you can imagine the number of settlements in Istanbul as a whole.

The compounds are residential buildings and more, with a number of services and facilities that vary from one compound to another, such as gardens, playgrounds, gyms, swimming pools, saunas and steam rooms, offices, shops, car garages, in addition to security services, surveillance cameras, and others.

These gatherings also provide other services such as hot water, heating, etc., A specific fee is paid for these services, which vary from one gathering to another, which is called costs.

There is no doubt that Istanbul's residential complexes are a successful investment opportunity for everyone who wants to own a distinctive property in Turkey, as the property in modern gatherings is sold faster compared to regular apartments, and if its acquisition is to rent it, many tourists prefer to rent an apartment in a residential complex. Because there are important factors such as safety and comfort that may not be available in a normal apartment.

Some of the distinct residential compounds in Istanbul:

Bahçeşehir Park

The project is located in Bahçeşehir, the first destination for foreign investors. The project is characterized by its unique view of Golet Park, the presence of a ready-made medical complex, in addition to the high quality of the cladding. The complex provides distinctive services such as the presence of a private cinema and shops to serve the daily needs of the population, and the project is close to the metro station, which is only 200 meters away.

Park Mavera 3

The project is located in the Basaksehir area, which is one of the most important areas in Istanbul, which is directly located on the plan of the new water canal project in Istanbul. It features many services such as sauna, Turkish bath, swimming pools, sports clubs, green spaces and other services.

Living in these communities is a real pleasure, as it contains integrated services that can never be measured by other real estate and regular apartments.

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