• May. 8, 2021

Criteria for evaluating real estate prices in Turkey

On what standards are real estate valuations in Turkey and what are the criteria for this evaluation

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  • May. 7, 2021

Real estate ownership in installments in Turkey.

The real estate purchase in installments option is one of the most successful options available to owning real estate in Turkey, as installment is a comfortable option for many foreign investors and for those who want Turkish citizenship.

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  • May. 3, 2021

the investment returning to turkey with the lira rise

The investment activity has returned to Turkey after the stability of the Turkish lira after the policy of the Turkish government to repair the two-year economic turmoil

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  • May. 1, 2021

The new metro lines in Istanbul.

Several new metro lines are being constructed in Istanbul. we've mentioned in this article the most important ones and their locations

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  • Apr. 30, 2021

Istanbul canal and it impact on investment.

Many big projects are being held in Istanbul, one of them is the Istanbul Canal project. what is this canal and what is its impact on the investment movement in Turkey

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  • Apr. 18, 2021

The difference between the real estate easement and the title deed

One of the most important things to do whenever buying or investing any property in Turkey is to make sure that the ownership of the property has been transferred to the buyer or investor.

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  • Apr. 10, 2021

All what you need to know about investing in turkey

The political situation, geographical location, and the common history with the countries of its region made it the destination of many investors and aspirants to establish sound and profitable investments in it

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  • Mar. 8, 2021

Investing Into Turkey

Turkish real estate market has increased in the last two decades for several reasons, due to the availability of distinctive real estate projects and a package of facilities provided by the Turkish government to invest this sector

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