• Jan. 24, 2022

The district of Uskudar

The district of Üsküdaris located on the Asian sideof Istanbul along the Bosphorus Sea.
Largely residential and densely populated, Üsküdar is Istanbul at its most authentic. It offers visitors an exciting opportunity to get off the tourist track.

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  • Jan. 22, 2022

How to pay bills in Turkey

After the real estate market in Turkey witnessed a great demand from various Arab and foreign nationalities, and because investors were not aware of all the information and legal issues related to Turkish law, which differs from the law of each person’s c

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  • Jan. 20, 2022

Measures in favor of the lands of the new Istanbul Canal

he Ministry of Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change announced on its official website today, Monday, January 17, 2022, its approval of the division of the city of "Yenişehir", which was prepared according to the provisions of Article 18 of the zon

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  • Jan. 18, 2022

Value added tax

Turkish law is characterized by the fact that it follows a specific organization that includes all aspects of life in Turkey and is familiar with all fields in order to guarantee all Turks and residents an orderly and calm life.

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  • Jan. 16, 2022

Belgrade forest in Istanbul

This natural forest is located 15 km northwest of Istanbul and because of its pristine nature and wildlife that attracts a lot of tourists, especially in the summer, this forest can be a good haven to escape from the heat of the city.

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  • Jan. 14, 2022

Earthquake insurance

After the great urban development and the strong real estate market movement in Turkey in recent times, the investor must be fully aware of all the laws approved by the Turkish government in order to complete the purchase process, and among these laws is

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  • Jan. 12, 2022

Popular allowance

After Turkey has become a major destination in recent times for owners of capital who wish to invest in real estate and obtain its citizenship, he must be fully aware of all real estate laws and terms, and among these terms, the term “popular allowance” f

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  • Jan. 10, 2022

Military service in Turkey

After a number of foreigners have obtained Turkish citizenship, regardless of the method, whether (investment by buying a property, or by bank deposit, or exceptionally ...) they may think about a number of questions about the new rights and duties that i

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  • Jan. 8, 2022


Many tourists come from around the world to Istanbul to check the amazing fashion world Istanbul has. It has many places to go and shop depending on your choices, like the famous Grand Bazaar .

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  • Jan. 6, 2022

Types of Tapu

A person wishing to invest in Turkey must be fully aware and familiar with all real estate topics, matters and terms in this country, and among these matters is the title deed (Tabu), its types, and the features of each type.

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