Address installation

Turkey imposes on its citizens and on foreigners residing on its lands to fix their address in the Turkish civil registration Departments, as this is useful in the census process conducted by the state, as well as in the residence address of citizens and foreigners and knowing their civil status.

The process of updating the address data is done by going to the civil registration directorate of the residential area, and requesting the entry of the new housing information.

In order to reduce congestion in front of the doors of the Turkish civil registration directorate and to facilitate and facilitate transactions in these circles, the civil registration directorate launched a booking link to update the data.

Documents required installing the address in Turkey:

After booking the appointment, the person must go to the civil registration directorate, to which the place of residence belongs, bringing with him the following documents:

  1. Appointment code

  2. Turkish ID, residence or temporary protection card

  3. Lease contract (if the person is a tenant) or Tapu (if the person is an owner)

  4. Electricity, water or gas bill

  5. Turkish phone number

Then the person signs a paper showing the names of the residents in the address and gives the bottom part of it, to fix his address at the mayor of his area.

The residence address document can be obtained through the portal website (E-DEVLET) through the search option (YERLEŞİM YERİ BELGESİ SORGULAMA)

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