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Many foreigners ask about the opinion of Turkish law on the issue of adoption, and this is a desire among some to adopt some orphans, hoping for the reward that you get when adopting an orphan child or establishing associations concerned with this issue, and so on. In our article, we will provide you with information about the adoption law and its conditions and some details. governed by Turkish law

What is adoption?

It is the person taking a child, whether male or female, as his son and not his son in the first place, and therefore the adoptive person attributes the child to him in the correct lineage of the son, and all rights are established for this child by law.

Turkish law, unlike Arab countries, allowed adoption in accordance with Article 17 of the Turkish Nationality Law No. 5901. Turkish law allowed adoption, in contrast to Arab laws, according to which a Turkish citizen, or a Turkish family, can adopt a foreign child, who has not yet reached the age of puberty. At the age of eighteen, the Turkish legislator went even further, allowing the same article to grant him Turkish citizenship, but on the condition that his presence does not pose a threat and danger to security and public order.

Adoption conditions: Turkish law permitted adoption on the condition that a number of things are available, some of which are related to the adopter and others to the adopted, which are:

  • Submit an application for adoption to the Turkish Directorate of Family, Labor and Social Services to assess the child's interest and the applicant's status

  • That the person is healthy and does not suffer from chronic diseases and is not addicted to alcohol or drugs

  • A criminal record for the applicant and his family members

  • Bank account statement and property statement

  • family statement

  • Residential address document

  • The adopter must be over 30 years old or have been married for at least 5 years.

  • There must be an 18 year age difference between the child and the adopter.

  • Consent of the mother and father of the adopted child, if any.

  • Take care of the child for at least one year prior to the adoption process.

  • The adoptee must have completed primary education.

  • If the child is able to distinguish, the consent of the child.

  • If the child is under guardianship, consent of the legal guardian.

  • That the interest and benefit of the child be present in this procedure.

After the above-mentioned adoption conditions are met, in addition to the approval of the Turkish Ministry of Social Affairs, Turkish citizenship may be granted to the adopter if the adoption is through a Turkish man or woman, for a foreign child, and attach the required documents:

  • Court adoption decision

  • Paper from the circle of souls proving the child's lineage

  • Personal Photos

  • residential address

  • A medical report proving that the child is free of serious diseases.

  • Child's birth document

  • A copy of the Turkish marriage certificate

How is Turkish citizenship granted to the adopted person?

Citizenship is granted to the adopted child, after completing the required papers and submitting them, to the Soul Department, in accordance with Article 17, Article of the relevant law of the Turkish Nationality Law No. 5901, in which the adopted child obtains all the rights and duties stipulated in Turkish law

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