Family Residence in Turkey

Turkey is considered as one of the countries that facilitates the granting of residencies to people residing on its territory. These residencies vary according to the elements that exist when the person wishes to obtain them. We have talked about tourist residency and work permits. In this article, we will discuss family residency, the conditions for granting it and its advantages.

Family residence is granted to all family members, the wife and children under 18, provided that there is a person who grants it to them, and this person is:

Either the spouse is Turkish and has health insurance, and the foreign spouse is residing in Turkey and has a proof of identity

Or that this person is a foreigner holding a work permit, so he can grant residence to all members of his family (if he is married to more than one wife, he can only grant one wife. As for the children, he can grant it to the children of all his wives, and it is granted for the same period of residence permit for the work permit to the supporting person. If the residence permit is Work is for a year, and family residence is granted to family members for a year, and so on

- Perhaps the most important characteristic of the family residence is that it is linked to the residence of the donor, and therefore all family members are added to social security, meaning that treatment and medicines are free or almost free in all hospitals of the Turkish state.

Documents required to apply for family residence:

The necessary papers are divided into papers requested from the donor (Turkish or foreign), and these papers are required

- The original copy of the identity document and a copy of it (identity card for the Turkish, residence card or passport for the foreigner)

A document proving sufficient income for the entire required period of stay (salary statement or bank statement)

- Health insurance covering all family members for the duration of the required stay (children under the age of 18 and the elderly over the age of 65 do not need health insurance)

- Summary of a criminal record (not sentenced) issued by the Administrative Court or the e-government portal

A residence document issued by the Department of Souls to which the place of residence belongs

- The Souls Register (if the host is Turkish) or the family book (if the host is a resident foreigner

As for the documents required from the spouse:

* The original copy of your passport (or travel document)

* A copy of your passport (or travel document)

* A tax number, you can get it from any tax department

* 4 color personal photo on white background, no more than 6 months old

* A copy of the marriage contract or a copy of the family book or the family record extract, if the document was issued in a language other than Turkish, it must be translated by a sworn translator and certified by the notary.

Attention should be paid to the need to submit the application before the expiry of the entry visa period, and attention should be paid to the fact that the submitted passport is valid for more than 6 months, and the consent of children under 18 should be obtained in the event that one of the parents is not present or is outside Turkey. 
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