Best International Schools in Istanbul

Istanbul is a destination for investors who are looking for stability in a safe house and a safe life, and the situation has led thousands of families, especially Arabs, to choose Istanbul as a more stable and secure alternative. The Ajwad family helps you choose the best and most appropriate option for educating your children, as we have chosen for you the best international schools with foreign academic curricula from America, Britain and Canada.

Best International Schools in Istanbul:

1- The British International School:

One of the most important and best schools in Turkey, it follows the IGCSE English curriculum and the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program, in addition to the Turkish National Curriculum. The school includes more than 55 different nationalities. The British School enhances the enthusiasm, confidence and independence of its students and focuses on acquiring multiple languages ​​such as German, Spanish, French and Turkish. Accepting students from 2.5 years old to high school, the schools are accredited by the British International Schools Council, the Council of International Schools and the New England Association of Schools and Colleges.

2- American Schools in Istanbul (IAS):

Located in the Basaksehir district, it is one of the best schools in Istanbul with a primary goal of providing high-quality education following the American curriculum, its teaching staff is distinguished, and it receives students from early education to high school.

3- The Canadian School in Istanbul (FLORYA):

The school offers both Canadian and Turkish curricula, brings together more than 44 nationalities, a lively learning environment that allows the student to realize himself using their potential in the best way, recognized by the Turkish Ministry of Education.

4- Elite International School:

Its curriculum is American and approved by the Turkish government. Smart classes have everything the student needs. A distinguished teaching staff whose goal is to enhance and develop the student's performance. It receives students from grades one to twelve from all countries of the world.

5- Brights International School:

In Buyukcekmece, it follows the American curriculum, and teaches Turkish and Arabic languages, a distinguished and experienced teaching team, and classrooms equipped with the latest technological equipment to provide a rich learning experience for students.

6- The Saudi School in Istanbul:

In view of the increasing numbers of the Arab community present in Istanbul and their keenness to deepen their children’s connection to the Arab and Islamic culture by teaching them the principles of the Islamic religion and the Arabic language, it was necessary to establish an Arab school, based on the care and guidance of this board of trustees that includes the faces of the Arab community, headed by His Excellency the Consul General of the Kingdom in Istanbul.

7- The Sudanese School in Istanbul:

A school accredited by the Ministry of Education in Sudan and Turkey. The school adopts the Sudanese curriculum in addition to teaching the Turkish language. It receives all ages from kindergarten to secondary school. An experienced and highly qualified teaching staff, one of the best Sudanese schools in the world.

8- Al-Jazari International Schools:

It has two branches: the first in Anakent and the second in Al-Fateh. Al-Jazari International Schools is considered a pioneer in international education, as it has established a unique educational system with authentic steps in the journey of science and knowledge. Al-Jazari International Schools offers its students the opportunity to discover their interests and abilities through professionally designed programs developed by schools.

9- Al Ihsan International School:

Al Ihsan International Schools follow the American curriculum approved by the US Department of Education in California and the Turkish Ministry of Education. Al Ihsan Schools are a multicultural hub, welcoming students from different cultures, backgrounds and nationalities, and their classrooms are equipped with modern technologies.

10- LWIS School:

Part of the famous LWIS school chain, comprising more than 45 different nationalities, its primary language is English, Turkish, Arabic and French, equipped with the best technology, and includes multiple activities.

11- Milestone International School:

The school follows the American curriculum in English as a basic and also teaches the Arabic and Turkish languages, classrooms equipped with the best technologies, in addition to the modern facilities of science and technology laboratories, its high-level academic staff, receiving students from 3 to 18 years old.

12- Al Safeer International Schools:

Al Safir Schools follow the American curricula with California standards, in addition to teaching Arabic as a language and Turkish as a third, teachers use various advanced methods to develop and assess the student’s level, use practical training-based activities to provide information, the schools feature modern facilities of science laboratories and computer halls in addition to the library and gyms, and when students graduate from high school, they will receive a diploma in American High School.

13- Al-Huda International Schools:

Al-Huda Schools adopt the Lebanese curriculum in addition to the modern standard curricula, and this is what makes it offer a unique educational experience. Al-Huda Schools have highly qualified and experienced educational staff in a developed environment, to prepare an aware and conscious generation.

14- Al-Fayez International Schools:

One of the first Arab schools to obtain a license from the Turkish Ministry of National Education. The teacher includes students of all nationalities. The schools follow the Arab curriculum in addition to the British curriculum. Upon graduation, students are given certificates approved by the Turkish Ministry of National Education and approved by the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs in addition to the Cambridge Certificate. For students studying according to the British curriculum for advanced stages.

15- Al Noor International School:

The school adopts the American curriculum, a distinguished administrative staff, with high academic experience and a high moral mission.

16- Al-Fanar Palestinian School:

Located in Beylikduzu, the school offers the students' families a choice between the Palestinian and American curriculum, as the school adopts both curriculums for its students. An accredited, recognized and licensed school, which is under the supervision of the Palestinian Embassy in Turkey.

17- Al-Aqsa International Schools.

It teaches the Turkish and Arabic curriculum, in addition to programs in English. Its educational staff is high and its educational environment is good.

Prices of international schools in Istanbul:

The prices of international schools in Istanbul range from 1700 dollars and above, according to age groups. There is a clear difference in prices compared to local schools, but this is due to their high level of education and extracurricular activities.

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