Birth records in Turkey

Many residents of Turkish lands ask about the method of legal registration of their children who were born on Turkish lands in order to establish them officially and obtain identification papers for them. In this article, we will address this topic and provide you with the information that any resident needs about the mentioned method.

Documents required registering a newborn in Turkey

The process of registering a newborn is to inform the competent authorities in Turkey of the birth of a new child, and it must be completed by the availability of the following documents:

  1. A proof of birth document, in which the information of the mother and the sex of the child is written, and is given from the hospital in which the birth took place

  2. The passport of the mother and father with the family book, and if the family book is not available, the marriage certificate is sufficient instead of the first

After providing the documents and documents mentioned in the previous paragraph, the child’s parents go to the Soul Department, and the child is officially registered, and his name is added to the family book, and then a paper is taken from the souls stating that the child is registered, this paper is called Doğum Bilgisi "birth certificate.”

This paper is taken with the family documents "passports or passports and the family book translated and certified by Noter" to the Immigration Department in Turkey after booking a prior appointment

The child's data is added to the Immigration Department, and he is granted the residency that he is legally entitled to according to his parents' residency.

When going to the Immigration Department, the parents must be present. The immigration officer checks the submitted papers and then photographs the child and grants him a residence card. The card is either given directly or the child’s guardian is informed within several days via SMS and the card is sent to the parents’ residence address these procedures are according to the Turkish state in which you are conducting the transaction, and according to the type of residence of the foreign parents in Turkey

Registering a new child in Turkey gives the new born all the rights and privileges enjoyed by his parents and sisters, including the right to health, education, movement and......

Does a child born on Turkish territory obtain Turkish citizenship?

What is rumored about granting births on Turkish lands to Turkish citizenship is baseless, but there are specific cases in which a person born on Turkish lands can obtain its citizenship, which are:

  1. If one of his parents is of Turkish origin

  2. In the event that one of his parents is applying for Turkish citizenship and it is under implementation

  3. If one of his parents has a long-term work permit that exceeds five years

  4. If he spends the first eight years of his life continuously, then he gets it automatically

  5. If the child’s father buys real estate in Turkey worth at least 250 thousand US dollars

Legal registration of your newborn must be expedited, and the registration process should not be neglected. Registration guarantees the protection of the newborn from losing his lineage and rights. Delay in the registration process leads to the payment of a fine estimated by the Soul Department in Turkey.

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