Can Syrians own a property in Turkey?

After reviewing the decision issued by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization regarding the ownership of multinational foreigners, we will provide you with a summary of what was stated in it in order of importance:

1- Foreigners holding Turkish citizenship will be treated on the basis of Turkish citizenship regardless of other nationalities they hold, including Syrian citizenship. Example: A foreign citizen holding Syrian and Turkish citizenship at the same time can own property and be treated as a Turkish citizen.

2- Foreigners with multiple nationalities (who do not hold Turkish citizenship) will be treated, and one of the nationalities they hold is prohibited from owning property in Turkey, and will be treated as a citizen of the country that is prohibited from owning. Example: A foreign citizen holding Syrian and German citizenship at the same time will not be able to own property and be treated as a Syrian citizen.

3- In the event that the foreigner was born in a country where citizens of this country are not entitled to own property in Turkey, he will request a document proving that this foreigner does not hold the nationality of that country whose nationality is prohibited from owning. Example: A foreign citizen with Palestinian citizenship and his place of birth is Damascus. A document will be requested to prove that he does not hold Syrian citizenship.

4- Foreign citizens with multiple nationalities and holders of the nationality of one of the countries whose citizens are prohibited from owning in Turkey and who previously owned a property based on another nationality whose citizens have the right to own property in Turkey before this decision will be treated as citizens of the country on the basis of which they owned their real estate. Example: A foreign citizen who holds Syrian and Sudanese citizenship at the same time, and before this decision he owns a Sudanese passport, the title deed transactions will be conducted for the real estate he owns on the basis that he is Sudanese.

‏5- The General Directorate of Land Registry in Ankara will be asked about Syrian citizens in whose name there are real estate previously registered in their names, or a property has been transferred to their name through a court decision (for example, inheritance), and ownership requests for Syrian citizens will be rejected directly. 6- Decisions to prevent or allow foreign citizens to own property may change according to the public interest

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