Citizenship by marriage

There are many ways to obtain Turkish citizenship under Turkish law, and the amendments that have been made to this law, and one of these methods and approved not only in Turkey, but in most countries of the world is to obtain citizenship by marrying a Turkish citizen.If you want more details about this method, you will find it in this article in which we will talk about obtaining Turkish citizenship through marriage, its stages, and the conditions required for its acquisition.

According to the amendment made to the citizenship Law in 2018, marriage was approved as a method of acquiring Turkish citizenship, but it should not be understood from this phrase that only by marrying a Turkish person can we obtain citizenship, but other conditions must be met by the law

Conditions for obtaining Turkish citizenship through marriage:

In order for a person who has been granted permission by a Turkish citizen to apply for Turkish citizenship through marriage, the following conditions must be met:

  1. Three years after marriage

  2. That a person intends by marriage to form a family and not a personal goal in order to acquire citizenship

  3. And that the applicant party is free from any action that endangers Turkish national security and damages

After these conditions are met, a person can submit an application to obtain citizenship, and his application will be evaluated and his file will be studied by the responsible authorities, and if all of these conditions are met, the person can be granted citizenship

Documents required applying for Turkish citizenship through marriage:

After the three-year period of marriage has passed, the foreign spouse can submit an application for Turkish citizenship, provided that the following documents are presented:

  1. Copy of the couple's ID card

  2. A copy of the passport of the foreign spouse after it has been translated into Turkish and certified by the notary clerk

  3. The original birth certificate of the foreign person after translation and attestation by the notary clerk

  4. A copy of the marriage statement

  5. Tenancy contract (to prove that spouses live as one family)

  6. 4 pyro metric personal photos

  7. Attestation of all papers issued outside Turkey by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the mother country and their translation into Turkish and attestation by the Turkish consulate located there

In the case of the death of the Turkish spouse during the application and before obtaining citizenship, the application for Turkish citizenship is not canceled, but if the divorce occurred, even after obtaining Turkish citizenship, and the Turkish state made sure of the applicant’s bad faith and that this marriage took place only in order to obtain citizenship And it was not intended to create a family, so citizenship can be withdrawn from him or the application may be rejected if it is still within the application stages.

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