Construction of more than 24,000 apartments for the victims of the Elazığ earthquake

On January 24, 2021, a very strong earthquake struck eastern Turkey, felt by several neighboring countries, killing more than 40 people. The magnitude of the earthquake reached 6.8, and its epicenter was Elazığ Province. As a result, thousands of homes and buildings were destroyed, so the Turkish government built new homes for the earthquake victims, through the government-affiliated institution "TOKI" specialized in construction and contracting.

The government built more than 24,000 apartments in one year to compensate families, and construction work continues, bringing the number of apartments to 26,000 apartments in the Elazığ and Malatya regions, which will be handed over to the affected residents. In addition, the government established rural homes for the rural victims.

Houses are built in the form of residential complexes that meet all requirements and meet all conditions, including educational and cultural centers for all age groups, from schools, parks, playgrounds, and even mosques.

In addition to the apartments provided by the government to them, the countries provided the earthquake victims with a huge amount of material and in-kind assistance.

It is planned to build steel houses in the countryside, to reach more than a thousand houses in the countryside of Elazığ

To replace the schools that were destroyed in the earthquake, the government is building 35 schools in various parts of the city.


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