Documents required for exceptional citizenship

Exceptional Nationality: It is the nationality obtained by foreigners, especially those of Syrian nationality who are within the Turkish territory as an exception without fulfilling the conditions required to be present in order to obtain Turkish nationality through the specific legal methods and it is granted depending on several factors (university degrees, scientific competencies, businessmen, merchants holders of work permits or work permits).

These people can obtain it by writing Dilkshah and sending it to the address of the Ministry of Interior in Ankara. After a certain period of time, they receive a response with a message on the phone line to review the Immigration Department. After that, the person goes at the appointed time to the department and asks him to prepare the following papers:

  1. Translation of the passport into Turkish and attestation by a notary for all family members

  2. Translating the national identity with the note for all family members

  3. Translating the family book for people over 18 years old who do not have a passport or identity. What is required of the father’s book is: the father’s page, the mother’s page, and the page on which the particular individual is registered and certified by the Notre

  4. Individual/civil registration output, translation and attestation at the notary and the foreign country consulate for persons who do not possess any of the above documents

  5. Photocopy and bring the original documents granted by the Turkish government (such as ownership, residence, work permit ....)

  6. For married couples, the original and translation of the family book and its attestation from the Notre

  7. A non-judgmental document

  8. Residence document

  9. Birth statement for children born in Turkey.

  10. 4 pyrometric photographs for each family member

  11. Translating university certificates into the Turkish language and authenticating them from the Noter (the last sufficient academic qualification).

  12. University students studying in Turkey must bring the student’s document.

  13. In the event that the spouses are separated or one of them is outside Turkey and there are children, the consent of the husband or wife must be extracted from the nut if it is inside Turkey or from the nearest Turkish embassy or consulate if it is outside Turkey

  14. Fill out the forms granted by the Immigration Department

  15. The divorced woman must bring a divorce document translated into Turkish and certified by the Notre

  16. For the widow, he must bring the death certificate translated into Turkish and certified by the Notre

  17. A medical report for the owners of infectious diseases.

After submitting the papers and organizing the file for a while, the Bashfour number is given to follow the progress in the stages and receive the naturalization decision

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