Documents required opening a bank account

It cannot be hidden from anyone the importance of the bank account and the extent of the urgent need for it and its facilitation for many transactions in our daily life. In light of the arrival of a large number of Arabs to Turkey and their desire to invest, they must deposit their money in their own bank account and for the importance of this issue we put in your hands the most important papers required to open Bank account in Turkey.

The documents required differ from one bank to another and from one nationality to another, and they can be mentioned as follows:

  1. Translation of a valid passport with a copy of it or a copy of residence

  2. Tax Number

  3. Residence document if the person has residence or as a property owner in Turkey

  4. Translation of an external address statement if the person is outside Turkey

  5. e-mail

  6. phone number

  7. Account opening costs

Then the contract is signed between the bank and the customer and the card is delivered immediately or after a certain period

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