Duration of stay for foreign tourists in Turkey


In January last year, the Directorate General of Migration Management suspended the extension of short-term stays for a period of one year or more, or those who were granted a tourist residence, unless they provided a justification other than tourism.

This decision was issued because many foreigners are using the short tourist stay to live in Turkey for many years, although the Turkish government has established a long-term residence, especially for foreign tourists who want to stay in Turkey for more than 90 days.

This decision does not include holders of Syrian, Egyptian, Libyan, and Sudanese nationality, and the rest are governed by foreigners.

In the event of arresting any evaders whose period of stay exceeded 90 days, they will be expelled from Turkish territory.

These are the categories that are entitled to obtain a tourist residence in Turkey according to Article (31-1(E)):

1- Persons coming for the purpose of scientific research.

2- Those who have immovable property in Turkey.

3- Whoever establishes a commercial connection or business.

4- University students in Turkish universities.

5- A person who wants to receive treatment provided that he does not carry any of the diseases that are considered a threat to public health.

6- Whoever has a request or a decision from the judicial or administrative authorities stipulating the necessity of his presence in Turkey.

7- Who wants to move from a short-term residence permit to a family residence permit.

8- Participants in Turkish learning courses who wish to learn in Turkey through public institutions, research, and participate in training and courses.

9- Those who completed higher education in Turkey and submitted an application within six months from the date of graduation
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