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In a world in which technology is developing day by day and the movement of the electronic revolution is accelerating, the developed countries are differentiating among themselves in terms of providing services to citizens by how easy it is to provide these services to them. When the citizen extracts the document he wants or performs the procedure he wants while sitting in his house without taking a few minutes from him, this indicates the extent of this state’s progress and its concern for the comfort of its citizens and to save the effort that they will incur in heading to government departments and waiting for hours or perhaps days.

Therefore, the Turkish government had to keep pace with digital development and move aggressively to take advantage of technology and adapt it to serve citizens and facilitate their daily lives. In 2006, the Turkish government announced the launch of the e-government portal E Devlet to provide a technological digital environment for communication and exchange of information and services between it and citizens in an easier way that eliminates bureaucracy overcrowding and a waste of time for citizens.

What are the E-DEVLET countries?

An electronic system established by the Turkish government to facilitate citizens’ access to government services and provide access to them quickly and reliably without going to government departments and waiting for many hours. The services of this system are not limited to Turks only, but can be used by holders of residence permits of all kinds, and even for holders such as the King of Temporary Protection. It can be downloaded as a program on the mobile device

How can benefit from this system and activate it?

To take advantage of the services provided in this portal, you must have a Turkish identity card, residence or property, in addition to a phone number, then go to the nearest PTT center and show the employee the ID number that you have with you, and ask him for the gate code, then the employee sends the code to you by message on the number that given to him by you,

What are the services provided by E-DEVLET?

  1. The possibility of extracting the address of the residence after installing it in the Department of Souls located in the state (perhaps this service is one of the best services that saved effort and time due to the need for a residence document in most official transactions)

  2. Unrequited extraction

  3. Knowing the lines registered in the person's name

  4. Inquiry and payment of taxes and social insurance financial dues

  5. Knowing the real estate that you registered in your name, as well as the companies, in which you work, the service or humanitarian organizations that you belong to, as well as cars and more.

  6. You can follow the stages of modifying your undergraduate and graduate degrees.

  7. An appointment can be booked in Turkish hospitals.

  8. It is also possible to obtain permission to travel for temporary protection card holders instead of going to the Immigration Department.

  9. And through the "e-Dawlat", it is also possible to apply for Turkish citizenship and follow the stages after application.

  10. It is possible to know the health insurance and the number of days registered for the worker to benefit from future retirement.

  11. Naturalized persons can also obtain an exemption document from military service.

  12. Find out the status of your Turkish driving certificate application

  13. Inquiries about monthly subscriptions, such as electricity, water and gas, and pay them

  14. Monitoring cases and complaints at the Ministry of Justice

In addition to other services that you can see when subscribing to this system. We can say that the Turkish government was able, under this system, to enshrine the principle of transparency in the work of state institutions, and to ensure the rapid work of these institutions to meet the needs and transactions of citizens and foreigners and save them time and effort. This was reflected in the speed in performing a large number of official transactions in a short time.

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