Earthquake insurance

After the great urban development and the strong real estate market movement in Turkey in recent times, the investor must be fully aware of all the laws approved by the Turkish government in order to complete the purchase process, and among these laws is the need to obtain an earthquake insurance document in Turkey in order to secure the property from earthquakes and disasters After the strong earthquake that hit the coasts of the Marmara Sea, which affected the city of Kocaeli and Istanbul, the state took it upon itself to confront the issue of earthquakes that threaten the region and approved the law of the necessity of obtaining an insurance policy to ensure the safety of the property and its ability to face earthquakes and other natural disasters.

Earthquake insurance in Turkey:

Earthquake insurance is mandatory insurance in Turkey, for real estate, whether residential or non-residential, and covers the expenses of repairing damages to the property in the event of an earthquake or natural disasters.

Earthquake insurance in Turkey pays the owner of the property and the tenant has nothing to do with the payment of insurance, and he pays the insurance for the first time at the beginning of the construction of the property to obtain specific services that can only be obtained from the payment of earthquake insurance in Turkey, and these services related to the payment of insurance:

  1. Electricity.

  2. Water.

  3. Gas.

  4. Telephone and internet.

The DASK document is considered a prerequisite when opening water, electricity and gas meters, as this can only be done after paying the insurance value for the first time. The property owner pays the earthquake insurance annually according to a certain date to be determined by DASK. The earthquake insurance in Turkey is paid in:

  1. Banks

  2. Post office.

  3. Insurance companies.

The importance of earthquake insurance in Turkey:

  1. Ensuring the safety of the building and its resistance to earthquakes, which reduces the possibility of damage from earthquakes?

  2. Contribute to repairing the damages that occur after any earthquake, tremor or environmental disaster.

  3. Reducing expenses for real estate owners in Turkey when such disasters occur

  4. Reducing expenditures on the state with regard to rebuilding its institutions and public utilities if they were damaged by natural disasters.

  5. Contribute to the population awareness of the importance of sound and earthquake-resistant buildings.

  6. Increasing the population’s awareness of the importance of insurance in mitigating potential damages.

What is the value of compulsory DASC earthquake insurance?

The rate of mandatory earthquake insurance rates that is reset each year varies according to the size of the property insured, the scope of coverage and the insured company.

What are the buildings covered by earthquake insurance in Turkey DASK?

Earthquake insurance DASK includes buildings that fall under the scope of earthquake insurance in Turkey under Law 6035 for insurance against natural disasters. They are real estate designated for housing, such as apartments, villas, and buildings registered in the Land Registry Department in Turkey, as well as properties intended for work, such as offices registered in the Land Registry Department in Turkey, And the parts of the floors subject to the property law, such as roofs, garages, service facilities, and real estate established by the Turkish state for public services or granted to the population in times of disaster, and real estate that fulfill the construction conditions but do not have the description of "commercial or residential” construction, as well as the real estate obtained On the "real estate easement” deed: that is, under construction, but it fulfills the construction conditions, and the real estate records have the title deed of the real estate easement.

Documents required obtaining home insurance against earthquakes:

  • The name of the person who wants the insurance

  • his title

  • phone number

  • A copy of ID, residence permit or passport

  • Tax Number

  • Address of the property to be secured

  • title deed

  • Building construction date

  • the number of floors

  • property type

  • Total area

  • type of use

The earthquake insurance policy is one of the most important documents needed in buying, selling and renting. You can obtain earthquake insurance on your various real estate properties and homes by registering with any insurance agency in your state in which you reside, or at a bank branch.

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