Entry visa to Turkey

If you want to travel to a country, the first thing you will look for is the conditions for traveling to it and how to obtain a visa that enables you to enter this country. According to the requirements and type of this visa, your search will focus on getting all the answers to the questions you may have.

If your destination is Turkey, then Acuad Company provides you in this article with everything you need to know about entry visas to its lands and types.

First, the visa: it is an official document to enter any country, and its requirements and costs vary according to the different nationalities that you want to obtain, according to the laws regulating each country.

How to obtain a Turkish visa: There are two ways to obtain a visa. Each method depends on the nationality of the applicant

  1. Extracting a Turkish visa directly from the embassy, ​​consulate or diplomatic representation of Turkey in the country in which you reside

  2. Electronic visa: through which everyone can register, and submit an application for an entry visa to Turkish territory, and after obtaining it, it must be printed and included with the passport upon arrival at the airport.

  3. A visa can be obtained upon your arrival at the airport in Turkey, but this procedure will cost you more fees than you would pay if you registered through the electronic platform.

Types of (Visa) Turkish visa:

Tourist visa for Turkey: There are two types of tourist visa

  1. Single entry visa: which allows its owner to enter Turkey only once, as he must issue a new visa if he leaves Turkey and wishes to return again.

  2. 2- Multiple entry visas: This type of visa allows its holder to enter and exit multiple times within a period of 90 days.

Work visa: It is the visa obtained by a person who has signed a work contract with a company in Turkey

Student Visa: It is the visa obtained by people who have obtained university admission in a Turkish university.

Family visa: The entry permit (visa) is submitted for the family by the resident in Turkey.

Humanitarian visa: It is an entry permit to Turkey for the purpose of protection and asylum for people who find it difficult to stay in their countries, such as Syrians, Iraqis, and others.

Documents required obtaining a visa to Turkey:

In the event of obtaining a visa from one of the Turkish embassies or consulates, the following documents and papers must be obtained:

  • A passport / travel document, which is required to be valid for half a year from the date of your travel to Turkey.

  • 2 recent personal photos with white background

  • Tourist travel insurance covering the duration of stay in Turkey according to the visa

  • A bank statement and account movement for half a year with a good amount, and the statement must be recent.

  • Submit an application for a visa

  • A receipt for the amount paid as a fee for obtaining a visa

  • Sometimes other documents are required, such as a flight reservation, hotel and other documents that support you’re obtaining a visa to Turkey.

In the case of obtaining the Turkish visa electronically, only a copy of the passport is required, and the visa fees are paid via bank transfer or credit card, and the rest of the documents are verified at the crossing or airport from which you enter Turkey, by a competent employee.

Turkish visa processing period:

You need a period ranging from one week to ten days as an average period to receive the response of accepting or rejecting the visa, and in the event of rejection, you must wait for 6 months to apply for the visa to Turkey again.

If the visa is approved, you will be granted the right to enter Turkey legally for a period ranging from 20 to 90 days, and the calculation of the visa period starts from the date of booking the flight to Turkey.

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