Exploring 4 Lakes In Istanbul: A Tryst With Mother Nature

Istanbul, like any other cosmopolitan city in the world, offers a hectic life to people but thanks to the beauty of the place that makes it is easy to survive there. The city has many natural and artificially built lakes that remain the source of entertainment for its residents and the tourists visiting this city.Many poets and writers have written about the beauty and aura of thelakes in Istanbul.

Top 4 Lakes In Istanbul

There are three main attraction lakes in Istanbul, which remain the key attention seekers to the domestic and global tourists. Let’s have a glimpse of them.

1. Terkos Lake

Terkos Lake is located to the north of the city over the Black Sea coastal area. The area of the lake is 25 sq km and is surrounded by a small forest region. The water of the lakes remains fresh as it is fed by the famous river called Istiranca. Since the water is fresh, the supply goes to the entire city connecting pipes, while the excessive water gets discharged to the sea as and when required. Around the wavy corners of the lake lies a small village with the same name. It is one of the best places around to enjoy goose hunting and freshwater fishing but beware of the special rules and regulations. The domestic tourists often visit this lake during the summer season to take a chill pill in the various resorts and hotels on the brims of the lake with too many amenities to enjoy.

2. Küçükçekmece Lake

It is located to the west of the city which is around 20 kilometers towards the Marmara seashores. It has a total area of 16 sq KMs. The lake is fed by streams of Nakkasdere, Sazlidere, and Hadimkoy, which is connected to the sea having a small size channel under the breakwater. This lake is known to have shallow waters, while the deepest areas in this lake are not more than 20 meters. You can still enjoy fishing in Küçükçekmece Lake. However, of late with the dense human habitat and unregulated industrial waste discharge to this lake, it has become a bit polluted place over the past few years.

3. Büyükçekmece Lake

This lake is situated at the southern side of Turkey close to Mimar Sinan. It falls under the district of Beylikduzu, which is located, adjoining to the Sea of Marmara. The lake has a total area of 12 sq km having shallow waters, while the deepest section is not more than 6 meters. The streams of Karasu feed the lake. The lake is further divided with a dam built over the Marmara Sea, which acts as a reservoir to Istanbul and its vicinity areas. Earlier it attracted people for fishing, but of late with an added amount of pollution due to industrial waste and human settlement, fishes are no longer visible in this lake.

4. Dam lakes

Besides the three main lakes, the city of Istanbul has several small dam lakes as well. These act like a water reservoir to Istanbul and its vicinity areas. Some of the major ones include Isakoy lake, Omerli lake, Elmali lake, Alibey lake, Sazlidere lake, and Dalek lake to name a few. Though there are strict regulations laid by the government agencies to have any housing projects around these water sources, yet one can find a few illegal housing societies around them, which remain a threat to the pollution to the water around these dam lakes.

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