Gas extraction from the Black Sea begins

After the discovery of natural gas fields in the Black Sea, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced on Wednesday evening the inauguration of gas extraction from the "Saqaria" field, which has a total gas area of ​​540 billion cubic meters.

Erdogan said that the gas wells that Turkey has drilled in the Black Sea are not the first and will not be the last. Threats or penalties to stop the drilling process.

Last June, an additional 135 billion cubic meters of natural gas were discovered at the "Amasra-1" site, and with them, the gas reserves discovered in the area will reach 540 billion cubic meters.

The Turkish government is striving to bring into service the introduction of natural gas discovered in the Black Sea by 2023. Erdogan explained that his government's biggest goal is to accelerate development steps, by stopping energy imports that constitute a large deficit in Turkey's trade balance.

To bring natural gas from the sea to the land, there are three stages: the first stage is the construction of facilities at the seabed to extract gas, the second stage is the construction of facilities that process natural gas on land to make it ready for use, and the third and final stage is to lay pipelines between the facilities in the Black Sea and on land.


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