Highlights of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's press conference

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan held a press conference on Monday, October 11, 2021, after a lengthy meeting with the Turkish government at the presidential headquarters in the capital, Ankara.The most prominent of what was stated in it is the elevation of the "Immigration Department" to the "Presidency of the Immigration Department"This step entails several things, most notably:
  • The association of this body is directly linked to the President of the Republic of Turkey, rather than being solely responsible for the Deputy Minister of the Interior
  • The Presidency of the Immigration Department has become hierarchically the first interests after it was the third
  • All employees in this presidency have become an employee with the rank of expert or assistant expert, except for data entry employees
  • It has become a priority in developing and seeking ways to improve this presidency, after it was among the tasks of the Ministry of the Interior
  • The foregoing gave this presidency an opportunity to develop, progress, make good choices and follow the laws under the supervision of the Presidency of the Republic of Turkey
  • This gave importance to the presidency of the Immigration Department, equivalent to the presidency of the General Staff, the presidency of the intelligence service, and the presidency of religious affairs
  • The decision of this presidency became interrupted between the decisions of the Presidency of the Republic directly and the Ministry of the Interior in agreement with the Head of the Immigration Department
All of the above, even if it is indicative of something in the first place, is the improvement that this presidency will witness, which means an improvement in the quality of arrivals and immigrants to Turkey, due to the strictness of the laws in force and the privileges that will be obtained through them.After the presidency of Turkey becomes directly interested in the immigration file, the performance of the Presidency of the Migration Administration will develop.These steps are intended to attract investors seeking a safe haven, and are a direct step toward upgrading the Turkish state's internal, external, and legal order.
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