Housing permit

Some investors may want to buy a ready-to-move-in property in a specific area or in a residential complex and use it, and the other section may want to build a project and sell it, so buy the land and start construction, each person invests in the way he wants, but in this case he must extract a number of papers and documents from Approval of ownership in the area from the beginning to receiving the Tapu at the end. In this article, we will provide you with information about one of these documents, which is the residence permit.

What is a housing permit?

It is a trust granted by the Directorate of Construction in the municipalities to which the property was built in accordance with the standards and technical conditions approved by the municipality

How is the housing permit obtained?

The company that owns the project submits an application to the Construction Directorate in the concerned municipality, to obtain a housing permit

Specialized teams and construction and reconstruction experts are sent from the relevant unit in the municipality, during the construction phase to ensure compliance with the required conditions and standards, and after the completion of the construction process, this committee returns again to conduct the necessary checks, and after making sure that it includes all these standards, the license is granted This document means that the building is suitable for habitation.

Conditions for obtaining housing?

  1. The project must be built within a period of two years from the date of obtaining the license.

  2. The project implementation period should not exceed 5 years from the date of obtaining the building permit.

  3. In the event of exceeding this period, the application must be re-applied

Municipalities are working to expedite the issuance of this document after the property has included all the required criteria, as they are granted this document within a maximum period of 30 days from the date of submitting the application, and the company that owns the project bears the payment of housing fees, and it is not the buyer who bears it and not the buyer who bears it unless if It was agreed otherwise in the contract of sale.

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