How to pay bills in Turkey

After the real estate market in Turkey witnessed a great demand from various Arab and foreign nationalities, and because investors were not aware of all the information and legal issues related to Turkish law, which differs from the law of each person’s country, and the language factor differs from them, and their lack of proficiency in the Turkish language, some of them may suffer from problems related to With their real estate, and among these problems and topics, we mention, for example, the way to pay the bills incurred by them.

The issue of paying bills is an easy matter that does not require any complexity due to the multiplicity of ways in which these bills can be paid. These methods are:

  • Going to the company’s headquarters and paying the bill personally by hand: One of the most prominent ways to pay bills in Turkey is to pay it at the concerned company, pay the bill to the employee in charge, and obtain the payment receipt. However, one of the disadvantages of this method is that it is tiring and tedious, and requires long waiting times to pay the bill.

  • Payment at one of the government postal centers PTT: It is a government company, specialized in various postal services. It has many headquarters and centers, distributed in most Turkish regions, through which all types of bills are paid, including water, electricity, gas and the Internet.

The advantages of this method of payment, is the speed and simplicity of paying the bill compared to the first method, as it is sufficient to bring the bill, hand it over to the competent employee and pay it, as it does not exceed minutes sometimes, in addition to the availability of government post centers in all regions and neighborhoods of Turkey.

  • Paying bills through the bank account: This method is considered one of the easiest and fastest ways, but in order to be able to pay in this way, you must have a bank account to be able to pay through it, and the ease of paying through the bank lies in making the payment through the bank’s application on the mobile phone or Your computer, when you want and where you want it.

Paying the bill on time is an important matter for the person living in Turkey, otherwise he will be subject to fines and prosecution if he fails to pay it, so we advise everyone not to fail to pay any fees or bills on them.

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