Human Residency

Human Residency

There has been a lot of talk in the recent period about humanitarian residency among foreigners residing in Turkey after a large number of them were unable to renew their residency, and there was a danger to their lives if they were returned to their countries,In this article, we will provide you with a comprehensive definition of humanitarian residency, the conditions for applying for it, and the papers needed to extract it.

Humanitarian residency: It is one of the types of residency granted by the State of Turkey as a right of protection to those who have lost the ability to remain in their homeland according to reasons identified through the United Nations Convention held in Geneva in 1951 AD, and a number of countries signed and ratified what was stated in it. The number of these countries has reached 130, and the State of Turkey has committed to implementing the provisions of this agreement, as it was one of the signatories to it.

What are the conditions to be met for granting humanitarian residency in Turkey?

The Geneva Convention of 1951 includes a set of conditions that must be met in order to obtain the right to protection and to obtain a humanitarian residence permit. These conditions are:

1-Gathering the family and relatives and reuniting them with one of the relatives in Turkey, with a desire to reside with this person, depending on the degree of kinship, such as the husband, the ordinary relative, the wife or children

2-Cases of severe illness or chronic diseases that pose a threat to the life of the resident, and it is not possible to leave Turkey for treatment outside, or there is no treatment except in Turkey

3-It is also granted the status of a person being threatened who does not enjoy protection within the home country because of the continuous wars that occur in it frequently, with his absolute refusal to participate in these wars because of his inability to kill a human being, and this includes the feeling of fear of being tortured or being killed, whether he or she family member

 4-The presence of the refugee outside the borders of his country, which helps him to apply for humanitarian residence at the airport in Turkey or when he enters Turkey in one of the asylum centers that are widely spread throughout Turkey

Advantages of humanitarian residence in Turkey:

The right of human residence in Turkey guarantees several advantages, which are summarized as follows:

  • It provides the right to work for many segments, including students, as well as doctors, and entitles them to obtain work permits.
  • Provides the right to obtain electricity, gas and water subscriptions in the name of the holder of the right to humanitarian protection.
  • It entitles the holder of the humanitarian residence to open an account in all bank banks in Turkey.
  • It entitles him to be treated in Turkish government hospitals with a relative annual fee.
  • The owner was able to obtain humanitarian aid or monthly pensions provided to refugees in Turkey from the UN and Turkish organizations concerned with the protection of refugee rights
  • The possibility of travel within the Turkish borders, as for travel outside the Turkish borders during the first six months, the humanitarian residence permit that he obtained is forfeited, and in the case of travel to the mother country, the humanitarian residence is dropped as soon as he sees the country’s stamp in the passport

 Obtaining the right to educate boys in public schools.

Documents required to apply for humanitarian residency:

  • Passport/copy of it, even if it is expired
  • Entry visa to Turkey
  • Proof of residence "a rental contract certified by the Noter office or a housing record issued by the Soul Department”
  • Marriage contract and children’s birth certificates translated and certified by the notary public if the request is for a family
  • 4 personal photos for each person in the residence file

Application form for obtaining humanitarian residence in Turkey

After that, the person must go to one of the immigration offices, then move to the section on humanitarian residency, which includes a number of people who speak foreign languages, including Arabic, and fill out the application form, after which the residency file is studied and may last for about half a year until The request is answered either with approval or refusal to grant humanitarian residence.

When can you refuse humanitarian accommodation?

  • The residence application will be rejected in one of the following cases:
  • There is no real threat to your life in your home country
  • Using forged documents while applying for residence
  • Having suitable solutions for you to obtain other types of residences
  • Existence of legal problems related to the applicant for residency
  • The applicant entered Turkey illegally

  Residents, "especially Syrians,” obtain the right of temporary protection in Turkey

In the end, Syrians can obtain the right of humanitarian residence, but under certain conditions:

  • Inability to obtain tourist accommodation or other accommodations
  • The Syrian resident does not have the right to temporary protection in Turkey
  • Entering Turkey legally with a visa
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