Investing $50 billion in renewable energy


Turkey seeks to develop and increase its capacity to produce and expand clean energy. It has invested more than 50 billion dollars in the clean energy sector. According to data, the installed power of clean energy in April amounted to 50,990 megawatts, which is 52.5% of electric power.

According to the plans, Turkey will increase its clean energy production capacity by 22,200 megawatts to reach 66.8 gigawatts by 2025, to be among the first five European countries.

Arrangement of energy sources according to production:

So far, hydroelectric power plants are the most productive of renewable energy in Turkey, producing approximately 31,250 megawatts. It is followed by wind energy with a total of 9540 MW, and solar energy in third place, producing 7070 MW, followed by geothermal energy and then biomass energy with 1595 and 945 MW.

There are many newborn hydroelectric power stations distributed over 72 Turkish cities, and as for biomass power plants, they are distributed over 62 cities.

Last year, Turkey surpassed the global average rate of energy production through wind and sun. Last year, Turkey produced 12% of its electricity through the sun and wind.

In the past five years, Tria has tripled its clean energy production.

Ranking of Turkish states by production:

Urfa comes first with a production of 3128 MW, followed by Elzig with 2,287 MW, then Diyarbakir with 2,250 MW, Artvin 2167 MW, Adana 1902 MW, Samson 1879 MW, Bingol 1,316 MW, 1300 MW in Kahramanmaras.

As for the energy produced from wind, 253 stations are distributed throughout the country. Izmir leads the cities in terms of power produced with 1635 MW, then comes Kaysir with 1275 MW, followed by Çanakkale with 808 MW.



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