Investing Into Turkey

The high interest of Arab and foreign investors in the Turkish real estate market has increased in the last two decades for several reasons, due to the availability of distinctive real estate projects and a package of facilities provided by the Turkish government to invest this sector. The government moved to some law amendments, such as making the investment in real estate easier for many nationalities especially owning directly and benefit from those investments.

This demand for real estate investment increase indicates that a large number of foreigners who visited Turkey aiming tourism and many other reasons, decided to invest in it due to many positive factors that have been available to them. Below we will list some of the factors that pushed foreign investors to believe that Turkey will be a future destination for investing, and looking forward to relocate into Turkey as a home land due to stability proven.

First: The geographical location is an important factor that led to the prosperity of Turkey and made the Arab and foreign investors to take a close action in order to invest. Since Turkey is the link between Europe and Asia, that made turkey a strategical country for commercial exchange between the two continents upon sea, air, and land freight routes.

Second: The climate was another factor that attracted investors, since climate differs between all Turkish regions. The location in two continents gave a natural privilege and multifunctional beauty such as pure beaches, fertile plains, and high mountains that prompted investors from countries with a sole climate to pay attention to these factors.

Third: The combination of ancient civilization and civil development, led to the rising Turkey as one of the distinct areas in terms of tourism and trade, infrastructure, technology, as well as many facilities to be elaborated in the future plans.

Fourth: The mega projects in its 81 states made the investor to have 81 options to invest in, especially that the Turkish government will raise the level of all states in terms of administrative, logistical services and infrastructure.

Fifthly: Facing high taxes is not a problem anymore when investing in Turkey, especially those related to real estate investment. Same was one of the most important decisions taken by the Turkish government, that made investors look forward to do so. Putting themselves in the boots of investors the Turkish government elaborated exempting the foreigners from the value-added tax due on the properties once investing.

Sixth: The economic increase happening in Turkey since 2002 till date returned to the country a huge economic growth in all agricultural, industrial, commercial, tourism, medical, and educational sectors. This led to a high opportunity for workforce to prove themselves and returned to Turkey with clear self-sufficiency. Moreover, Turkey is one of the big players in the group of the world's most powerful economies, the G20.

Therefore, all listed above made the investor aiming for investing in the first place, obtaining the Turkish residency permit and look forward to have the Turkish citizenship as a destination.


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