Investment status in Turkey

The head of the Turkish Investment Office, Ahmet Burak Daglioğlu, stated his optimism about the significant growth achieved by the Turkish economy, as foreign investors are still interested in investing in Turkey despite the Corona crisis, as investment in Turkey has declined by nearly 15% as a result of the crisis. If you compare it with other countries, you notice Turkey is several stages better than the rest, as the rate of decline in investments globally amounted to 35%. Daglioğlu added that there will be a very large growth in the economy after the end of this crisis.

With regard to investments with the Gulf countries, he stated that the value of investments in Turkey by the Gulf countries amounted to nearly 13 billion dollars.

When asked about the reason why investors prefer Turkey for its good, he replied with the following: Turkey has 85 million people, its infrastructure is strong, and there are many services that attract many investors, in addition to that Turkey is one of the most powerful tourist countries, and investing in the tourism sector is a great opportunity for investors. Economically, Turkey is a proactive country with many human resources. Turkey has a distinguished geographical location and its airlines have links with many countries.

Regarding the investment program in exchange for citizenship, which was announced years ago, he said that there are a large number of foreign investors who came to Turkey for this program, which is a successful program and attracts the attention of investors, as the real estate investment volume is approximately 25% of the total investments.

Relations with other countries:
Daglioğlu stated that relations between Ankara and Cairo have been going continuously in the past five years, the volume of trade between the two countries amounted to 5 billion dollars, but the Corona crisis led to a decline in these numbers, as the value of exports to Egypt in the first half of 2021 amounted to 2.08 billion dollars, in contrast. The value of the previous year was 1.59 billion dollars, and this shows us that economic activity is returning to Turkey.
As for the tense relations between Turkey and America, he explained: Sometimes there is a conflict of interest between the two countries and discussions occur, but interests and cooperation overcome these problems, and this is our approach in dealing with countries. The United States is the second country in terms of trade exchange with Turkey. He added that political issues are important, but they are evaluated in different frameworks, while other activities continue on their course.

In the field of the Turkish lira, which witnessed a decline against the US dollar, which in turn affects investors, Dagli Oğl said: The Turkish economy was well managed, and was able to overcome the crisis, we must look at free trade movements and external developments, and several developments occurred that affected Turkey, Including the decisions taken by the US Central Bank, the Central Bank of England and other European Union countries, and he said that those who were affected by the fluctuation in the price of the lira are only the investors in the short term, and those who continued in the long term in Turkey have won.


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