Invitation to Turkey

Turkey has a large number of foreigners and Syrians in particular, and many residents want to bring their relatives who are in Syria or anywhere else to Turkey, after the Turkish Foreign Ministry announced the imposition of a visa on Syrians entering its country, so Turkish law allows those who wish to bring their relatives To Turkey to make an invitation that enables them to obtain a visa to enter the Turkish territory.

How to submit the invitation

It is organized at the notary public, and a copy of the passport must be translated and certified by the notary, in addition to the availability of the title, residence or work permit, residential address and phone number, then an appointment is booked at the Turkish embassy in which the person to whom the invitation is addressed or the nearest country in which is residing Turkish Embassy or Consulate

Documents required from the invited person

  1. No verdict certified by the Syrian Foreign Ministry and translated into Turkish.

  2. A family statement certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and translated into Turkish.

  3. Ordinary passport photos (translation is not required).

  4. A passport with a validity of not less than six months

  5. 4 personal photos.

  6. Visa application form (can be downloaded from the embassy's website).

  7. Flight reservation (confirmed or unconfirmed).

  8. Title deed, if any (Tabu).

  9. Bank account statement, if available

  10. A university degree (if any) translated and certified

  11. Flight reservations in Turkey

  12. Travel insurance for one or three months

  13. Book an appointment at the embassy

  14. A fee is paid at the embassy office, approximately $110

Documents required from the inviting person

  1. A copy of the invitation or the original invitation papers

  2. Bank account statement for the last six months and the account must be active.

  3. Registration of persons in addition to the lease contract

  4. A copy of your passport, passport or residence permit

  5. Not judged by edevlet

  6. A copy of the tourist residence or work permit, in addition to a copy of the invitation’s passport, a copy of the protection card, or a copy of the Turkish identity

After submitting the papers at the consulate office, the invitee is given a feedback number during which the status of the application is known. The subject of the comment lasts for 40 days, after which the result will be sent via e-mail to the consulate website, with which the visa is often approved.

It is noteworthy that a person who obtains a visa through a visit has the right to request a tourist residence permit and live in Turkey, provided that he obtains an appointment to reside during the period of validity of the tourist visa.

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