Istanbul International Airport is ranked as the second best airport in the world for 2021

The international magazine "Travel and Leisure" conducted an opinion poll under the title "Best Airports in the World 2021", in which Istanbul International Airport ranked second in the world after Changi Airport in Singapore, outperforming many consulting airports, such as Dubai, Hamad (Qatar), and Hong Kong, Tokyo (Japan) and Zurich (Switzerland), where Istanbul Airport scored 91.17 points in the opinion poll.
The magazine conducted the survey and put several criteria in it, such as accessibility, design, airport design, restaurants and shopping malls.
The airport has an area of ​​76.5 million square meters, and more than 10,000 workers have worked on its construction, and according to the plan, the rest of the airport’s stages will be completed in 2025, to become its capacity after it is completely completed, 200 million passengers annually. The airport consists of 6 runways, accommodates 500 aircraft, and is equipped with two car parks, the first open and the other closed, accommodating approximately 70,000 cars.
In the past eight months, the number of passengers traveling to and from Istanbul Airport has reached nearly 21 million. More than 47,000 domestic flights were conducted at the airport, and 117,000 foreign flights were conducted at the airport.
A few days ago, Istanbul International Airport was also awarded the "Most Efficient Airport in Europe" award in the category of transporting more than 40 million passengers, by the Canadian-based Air Transport Association "ATRS".


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