Istanbul is a city of wonders with great history and a mix between the past, present and the future, with its unique architecture and history. It stands as a great destination for many tourists around the world for many reasons.

Many tourists come from around the world to Istanbul to check the amazing fashion world Istanbul has. It has many places to go and shop depending on your choices, like the famous Grand Bazaar .


Istinye Park Mallis a much known shopping center in theIstinye quarter of Istanbul, with an 85,250 m2of retail area and 291 stores. The shopping center features both enclosed and an open-air section. It has a green central park in the open-air section, and it offers street side shopping.

The shopping mall is located in Istinye quarter, just close toMaslakand aboveLevent.

City buses number 29, 29B, 29P, 29S, 40B, 42, EL1, and EL2 provide you an access to the shopping center.

There are also some exciting areas around the mall likeEmirgan Parkwhich is a magical place by the way.


The design is pretty interesting to check out, the project design was led by aUS architect Tom Kelley, the design period from conceptual, schematic, to development lasted for about a year, andÖmerler Mimarlikbased in Istanbul, drafted the construction drawings and handled the implementation of the project. The construction period went on for 26 months; it took a total of 3 years from the first sketch to the grand opening of the project.

There are three distinct sections in the building:

  • The Lifestyle Centeris an open-air square incorporating a green central park and fashion district, in addition to the glass-roofed indoor retail area is another story.

  • The Bazaar areais distanced from the rest of the center with its historical Turkish style; each façade has been inspired by Turkish architecture.

  • The Grand Rotundais an entertainment space consisting of a four-level arena beneath a segmented shell. It has 3 panoramic elevators; the Rotunda also features kinetic water sculptures animated with lights and music.

According to its concept, the building’s relationship with its environment, the perspective it presents a specific image, reflected lights from structure and surfaces which are within different visual fields. Outdoor lightning concept created by usage of Seder luminaries that are modern and decorative because of some reasons such as; the quality materials, compatibility with the standards and durability against time and environmental conditions and making this modern architecture visually attractive to many people.


There are plenty ofworld-famous restaurantsbased in Istinye Park Mall, ranging from fast food restaurants and luxurious restaurants.

The Rainforest Caféopened its first ever location in Turkey in Istinye Park at the ground floor of the shopping center. The Rainforest Café created a tropical rainforest with waterfalls, and indigenous creatures. The theme of the café features great food, shopping and an environmental education. Also you have the famous Nusr Et restaurant which is also located in the shopping center, it is known all over the world with its wide variations of meat dishes, it is definitely an experience to try, oh and don’t forget to book a table before you come in, or you will find yourself in a long queue waiting patiently for a table to be empty. Plus, if you like fast food and burgers, Shake Shak restaurant is also found in the complex where you will have a nice and tasty burger. Also you have other famous Turkish restaurants serving the best food that is available. 


If you are a fan of movies then you are lucky, the firstIMAX(a three-dimensional movie theater)

Opened in Istanbul’s Istinye Park Mall. Along with a 12-screen movie theater and over 2000 seats. Because of its absolute size, Istinye Park has been chosen as the place of the first IMAX Theater Istanbul.


Carpark entrance and exit are illuminated by a wide angle 250W floodlights mounted on 4 meter high. Floodlight lamp power and floodlight angles are adjusted with onsite controls and measurements in order to not disturb the vehicles in transit.


The shopping mall is well known for itsluxurious brands, fitness, food court and cinema, there is also a nice glass dome and ceilings at the top of the complex. It offers you a different kind perspective for Istanbul’s old and historical part. The place is very modern and huge, clean and tidy, and a large kids’ area where you can leave your kids and make your shopping easy, so it is a win-win situation for all the families. Istinye Park is one of the best place you to enjoy with your kids during yourtrip to Istanbul.

Istinye Park Mall is by far one of the biggest and most luxurious shopping malls in Istanbul , an amazing modern architecture and many things to do inside and outside the complex. Manyinternational and luxury brandslocated inside, in addition to theTurkish local brandsfound inside the complex.

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