Kağıthane district, located in the European section of Istanbul and close to its center, covers an area of approximately 23 square kilometers. The area is surrounded by the Eyup, Şişli, Beyoğlu district. (Kağıthane River), and after that, during the period of the Ottoman Empire, the region won the admiration of the sultans, and they took care of it, and this is what made it a famous city.

Then, in the 1940’s, Kağıthane district turned to investments, and many companies started working in it, and this added the industrial character of the area, and then the area turned into one of the largest areas of real estate renewal and development in Istanbul, after it was an area for the working class.

Kağıthane has developed remarkably in the last period, thanks to its central location and its link to the new transportation networks in the cities, and it will become a new center for Istanbul after the completion of the construction of the new airport, the third bridge and the three-story water tunnel. The real estate development includes a wide range of mixed-use projects, and shopping centers, schools, residential projects, hotels and offices.

As for health services in Kağıthane, the region enjoys distinguished health services such as hospitals and medical centers, the most famous of which is the Kagithane devlet hastanesi.


Housing prices in Kağıthane have increased significantly in the past three years, increasing by 55%, and the prices of rented housing in the last three years have increased by 45.68%, and so far, the region is considered the most attractive area for investment in Istanbul, and this is what affects real estate prices, and it keeps rising.

Real estate investors are interested in the transportation characteristics of the region, these features make the region better than others, the opening of the Kagithane - Pivalepasa tunnel, the subway line under construction and the reclamation of the riverbed, and the increase of the ring roads are very effective factors for investing in Kağıthane Therefore, the businessmen showed a special interest in Kağıthane 's investments.

And It is expected that the search for apartments in Kağıthane will increase in the coming period, especially in light of the government facilities provided to real estate investors, such as tax cuts, the issuance of real estate residence, and the granting of Turkish citizenship in exchange for real estate investment in Turkey at a specific value.

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