Kadikoy, with its lively atmosphere and city life, historical buildings, being an important transportation hub, market, large young and student population, cultural events & arts, shopping centers, cafes, pubs and restaurants by the seaside and inland and lively nightlife especially along its famous "Bar Street” and the nearby residential suburb of beautiful Moda, is one of the most popular and colorful districts of Istanbul.

Kadikoy in Turkish means "the Village of the Judge”. Kadikoy was once a separate settlement area while standing the Byzantium across the Bosphorus on the historical peninsula. History of the Kadikoy dates back to the Chalcedon of the Megarians, 635 BC.

Things to Do & See

Strolling around the Kadikoy Sqaure, Moda and Fenerbahce Kalamis area and watching the crowd, having a rest and drinking tea or coffee at the various cafes nearby the sea, visiting Bahariye Street and make shopping are the best things to do in Kadikoy. The Kadikoy shoreline is very popular with the young people

Kadikoy Market and Bahariye Street

Kadikoy Market and the famous Bahariye Street are the most popular places to visit and see in Kadikoy. The Kadikoy market area is also known as "the Beyoglu of the Istanbul’s Asian side”, and Bahariye street as "the Istiklal Street of Istanbul’s Asian side”. There are wide range of places at the Kadikoy market area from greengrocers to fishmongers, from spice shops to patisseries, cafes, pubs and restaurants.

The famous fish market in the Market area is worth a visit and sees. The Tellalzade Street along the Kadikoy market area is famous for its antique shops and second-hand bookstores. Before you get to the Bahariye Street, on the way you’ll come across to the other famous Sanatcilar (Artists) Street and here you may find variety of pretty ceramics, paintings and art shops by the local ceramics artists.

The traffic free Bahariye Street can be considered as the most lively and famous place in Kadikoy. There is also an old fashioned tram operating from Kadikoy harbor. Bahariye Street is always lively and crowded. You may find variety of lovely cafes, pubs, bars and restaurants as well as quality shops and cultural event centers in the Bahariye Street.

Sureyya Opera House

The Sureyya Opera House Süreyya was designed as an opera, theater and ball house in 1927 by Sureyya Ilmen Pasa but used to serve as cinema hall for many years. After a hard work in 2007, Sureyya Opera House restored to its original and has become the first opera house on Istanbul’s Asian side and 6th one in Turkey.

The building is very attractive with its facade with the cravings of the Muses and masks of art, tragedy and comedy as well as the very beautiful interior. You’ll also see a marble sculpture named Vodvil standing by the building.

The Bull Statue

The Bull Statue is one of the most popular symbols and meeting points of Kadikoy. The real name of the statue is "fighting bull statue” and it has a very interesting story that you might not imagine while you stare at the statue thinking that it’s just a statue. The Bull Statue is made by the French artist in Paris, in 1860s to symbolize the war won by France against Germany. It also symbolizes the power and strength. But in 1870s, this time Germany won the war against France and the Bull Statue has moved to Germany. In 1917, the German Emperor gave the Bull Statue as a present to Ittihat and Terakki Community and the community gave it as a present to Enver Pasa.

During the 1st World War, as Enver Pasa went abroad from Turkey, the Bull Statue has forgotten at the garden of the Enver Pasa’s palace. And after 50 years, the Bull Statue has moved to Hilton Hotel in Taksim district and then to Lutfi Kirdar Congress Center and then to Taksim Gezi Park. The Bull Statue stayed here for about 20 years and in 1970s has moved to Kadikoy, to the Municipality building’s garden. And finally in 1990 the Bull Statue has moved to its today’s place for the last time. The Bull Statue has traveled from Paris to Istanbul and has more than 150 years of age. Not an ordinary statue, isn’t it?

Osman Aga Mosque

Osman Aga Mosque is one of the most beautiful mosques in Kadikoy. The mosque was built during the era of the Sultan I.Ahmed (1603-1617) by Osman Aga.

Akmar Passage

Once a popular place with the heavy metal fans that you may enjoy the heavy metal music markets and CD, t-shirt shops, Akmar Passage is now a passage with many second-hand and new bookstores. A popular place for students and book lovers. 

Haydarpasa Railway Station and Pier

Haydarpasa Railway Station and Pier is one of the popular landmarks of Kadikoy. People visiting Kadikoy by ferries first see this glorious building. The Haydarpasa Railway Station was first built by the Germans in 1908 as a monumental building for the Berlin-Bagdad railway project.

Travelling to Haydarpasa Pier by ferries is also very exciting that the travelers may enjoy the hundreds of cormorant and heron birds along the breakwater as well as feeding the seagulls.


Moda is a very peaceful and green neighborhood of Kadikoy and the Moda shores and parks are very popular with the young locals. Moda is also a popular residential area in the Istanbul’s Asian side.

You may get to Moda by walking along the Kadikoy shoreline within 15 mins. There variety of lovely cafes, tea gardens and restaurants along the Moda coasts and inland. Having a rest at the cafes of Moda and watch the sunset is also great attraction in Moda. The Baris Manco (world famous Turkish singer and artist) House Museum is also located in Moda.

Baris Manco House Museum

The world famous Baris Manco (1943-1999) is one of the most popular singers and artists and in Turkey.

The house of Baris Manco is situated in the Moda neighborhood of Kadikoy and has arranged as museum to make his memories live after his death. You may see his goods, stuff, records, works, photos and more at the house museum of Baris Manco.

Bagdat Street

Bagdat Street (Bagdat Aveneu) is one of the most luxurious streets for locals in Istanbul. The 14 km. long Bagdat Street begins from Bostanci and extends to Goztepe. There are numerous luxury cafes, restaurants and shops along the street.

Also awarded as the 4th most popular shopping street in the world some many years ago, Bagdat street also offers great entertainment and nightlife activities in Istanbul’s Asian side.

Istanbul Toy Museum

Istanbul Toy Museum is a very sweet museum that is situated in the Goztepe neighborhood of Kadıköy. Istanbul Toy Museum was founded by Sunay Akin (the Turkish poet and novelist) in 23rd April 2005, on the National Sovereignty and Children’s Day.

The most popular samples of the toy history from 1700s to present-day are exhibited at the Istanbul Toy Museum. The toys at the museum are gathered by Sunay Akin from the antiques shops and auctions from more than 40 countries for 20 years. The museum is closed on Mondays. Address: Omerpasa Zeki Zeren Str. No:17, Goztepe, Kadikoy. Tel: +90 216 359 45 50 – 51


Eating Out

Eating out in Kadikoy is fantastic. There are wide ranges of dining opportunities for the Kadikoy visitors. It can be said that whole Kadikoy district is full of quality restaurants and cafes. Most visited Kadikoy restaurants, cafes and tea gardens are located in the Kadikoy Market area, Bahariye Street, along the shoreline and the nearby Moda suburb. You are able to find every kind of food & beverage, Turkish & world cuisine for your taste.

The Baylan patisserie in the Muvakithane street, Ciya (kebabs ve home food) in the Guneslibahce street, Denizati Restaurant – Cafe in the Kadikoy harbor, Viktor Levi Wine House ve Ali Usta Ice Cream in Moda are the popular dining and wining places in the Kadikoy district. We also recommend you to visit Turkish Coffee places in Serasker street at the Kadikoy Market area.

Where to Stay

As Kadikoy is one of the most popular and lively districts of Istanbul, there are wide range of opportunities from budget apart, apart hotels, to three to five star hotels in Kadikoy and Moda. Double Tree by Hilton Hotel, A11 Hotel Cadde ve Sidonya Hotel is the popular hotels in Kadikoy at first sight. You may check and find your ideal Kadikoy via Kadikoy Hotels with the hotels info, photos, comments and price comparison and book your Kadikoy hotel online.

How to Get There?

Getting to Kadikoy is very easy. There are many public busses and dolmus operate to Kadikoy from many Asian districts of Istanbul and from Taksim and Besiktas. It is possible to access Kadikoy;

  • from Besiktas and Eminonu; by public ferries,

  • from Karakoy to Haydarpasa; by public ferries and than within a 15 mins walk,

  • from Eminonu, Kabatas or Besiktas; by pblic ferries (also boats from Besiktas-Uskudar) to Uskudar and from Uskudar; by public busses or dolmus in every 10-15 mins,,

  • by yellow shared taxis (Dolmus) from Taksim,

  • by public buses from the many districts of Istanbul.

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