Loans with a low interest rate of 0.93% and participating banks



After the economic difficulties that the country went through, coinciding with the spread of the Corona epidemic, the president announced a campaign for low interest rates, and the banks that would participate in this campaign were announced. Several banks participated in this campaign, and it is expected that other banks will respond to the campaign, which will take place after Instructions from President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. We will present to you the banks participating in the campaign of low-interest loans, which will be 0.93, and the conditions that they offer.

Banks that will grant loans at a low interest rate of 0.93:

- Agricultural Bank



-ING . Bank

Here are the terms of these banks.

Agriculture Bank Terms.

The Bank of Agriculture responded to the calls of the campaign, and it is one of the public banks. The bank will give its customers loans that will reach 500,000 Turkish liras in the value of this interest, and the maturity rate is set as 180 months.

After submitting the application, the approval is given according to your record, and people with low credit ratings will not be able to benefit from these loans.

After the terms set by the Agriculture Bank, two other public banks are identified, halkbank and vakifbank, with the same terms as the Agriculture Bank.

ING . Bank

It is a private bank that announced in its terms that it will participate in this interest value, but stipulated that it will grant this interest value to people with a credit rating of 1300 and above, you can use 80% of the value of the home appraisal, grants a housing loan application with a 3-month deferment, until maturity of 120 months .




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