Marriage in Turkey.

With the increase in the number of investors wishing to live in Turkey, especially Arabs, and due to the difference in civil laws, the issue of marriage was one of the most important legal issues for them. Therefore, we provide you with the most important information regarding the establishment of marriage in Turkey.

Conditions of marriage in Turkey:

1- The applicant must be 18 years old or over

2- The applicant must be single, as polygamy is prohibited in Turkish law.

3- The applicant should be free of mental illness, some cases may be allowed, but after obtaining approval from the competent health authorities.

4- In the event that a woman has been married before, she is not entitled to marry until after 300 days have passed since the end of her first marriage.

5- The difference in the sex of the spouses, because homosexuality is prohibited.

Marriage confirmation procedures:

1- Preparing the papers and documents required to complete the transaction.

2- Go to the municipality and fill out the marriage form at the registration office in the marriage department.

3- Submit the form with the required papers to the concerned office with payment of fees.

4- The date of the marriage contract is set and held in the municipality, after which the family book is delivered to the spouses.


1- A copy of the passport, translated and certified by a notary public.

2- Issuance of civil registration for the husband and wife, with attestation from the consulate or embassy of the foreign country,

3- A divorce certificate or the death of the ex-husband, if she was previously married.

4- A residence document, a lease contract, or any document proving residence in Turkey.

5- Written consent of the guardian if the age of the applicant is between 16-18 years.

6- Necessary medical reports.

7-8 personal photos of the spouses.
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