The city of Istanbul in Turkey is characterized by the presence of a large and diverse network of transportation in it, and many residents and tourists prefer to use the metro service because of its speed of movement and to avoid congestion in other means of transportation and after the opening of Istanbul's new airport and due to the lack of a metro line to reach it, the Turkish government announced at previously, in its quest to solve this problem, it began constructing a number of new metro lines in Istanbul.

Minister Adel Kara Ismail oglu announced that the Turkish Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure at this time announced a number of new projects for Istanbul metro lines to further expand the transportation network, and ensure its coverage throughout the city, It also aims to facilitate traffic in the large crowded city, and it is about to complete the processing of 3 metro lines, among these projects, which will facilitate access to Istanbul airports in less time and with less traffic, linking them to the main city centers, which gives more ease to access for everyone, Two of them will start operating (the "Istanbul Airport – Gayrettepe” line and the "Sabiha Airport – Tavshantepe” line) starting from April next year, while the "Istanbul Airport – Halkali” line will be operated With the end of next year, the following is some information on these lines.

  • Istanbul-Gayerittepe Metro Line: This line transports passengers from the "Girttepe" district in the Sisli district on the European side of Istanbul, to the new airport in just 35 minutes, and extends 37.5 km, and includes nine stations and is the fastest metro line in The country, as its vehicles speed is 120 kilometers per hour, and the line is expected to serve about 600,000 Istanbul residents daily.

  • Line (Sabiha Airport - Tavshantepe): which will connect the airport to the central district of Kadıköy via Tavshantepe station, and the new metro line will make access to Sabiha Airport much easier than before. The line extends for 7.5 km, and takes the passenger to travel 11.5 minutes, passing through five main stations: (Sabiha Gökçen Havalimanı - Sanayi - Yayalar - Hastane - Tavşantepe)

  • Istanbul Airport - Halkali line: which has a total length of 31.5 km, and it will be possible to reach the airport through it within 30 minutes. As for the way to reach the airport through this line from Yenikapi station, it will be by taking the (Marmararay) metro line connecting between the station Yenikapi and Halkali Station, then transfer directly to the airport line by merging this line with the previous metro (Istanbul Airport Metro Line - Gayrettepe)

These projects have a special importance and will add a special value to real estate, as they are the focus of investors’ attention as they clearly increase the value of real estate in the areas located near the stations of these lines. Therefore, after the new Istanbul Airport officially enters service, the real estate market is likely to witness a crazy movement in those areas

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New Metro lines

New Metro lines


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