Military service in Turkey

After a number of foreigners have obtained Turkish citizenship, regardless of the method, whether (investment by buying a property, or by bank deposit, or exceptionally ...) they may think about a number of questions about the new rights and duties that involve their acquisition. For Turkish citizenship, in this article we will introduce you to one of these duties that a person has as a Turkish citizen, which is the duty of military service, the legal age required to perform it, its duration, and the exemption from it.

At the outset, we must warn you that Turkey is one of the countries that adopts the approach of compulsory conscription with regard to military service, and there are many constitutional articles that dealt with the issue of military service, and there is the second article of the Military Service Law, which states that those who hold Turkish citizenship even if they are not from The Turkish population can do military service in this country, of course, if they are of military age and join the ranks of Turkish soldiers and officers, as is the case with the original inhabitants of the country, and you, as a foreigner, can be exempted from military service on Turkish soil in the event that the batch that is your age is discharged.

Age of assignment to perform military service:

The age of assignment varies from one country to another. Each country determines the age that suits it, and Turkey had set the age of twenty-one in order to join military service, and according to the statement published on the official page of the Ministry of Defense and the official page of the Turkish Parliament on February 22, 2014, military service is imposed Every foreigner who obtained Turkish citizenship at the age of less than twenty-two must, therefore, who obtains Turkish citizenship from foreigners who is over the age of twenty-two is exempted from military service on Turkish soil, and whoever obtains Turkish citizenship by marrying a wife of Turkish origin He is also exempt from military service.

Exemption from military service:

  • If he is a citizen of one of the Turkish republics, he may be exempted from military service by showing a document proving that he has performed the service in his country.

  • Those with Turkish citizenship who are 22 years old and over are exempt from military service

Conditions for postponement of military service:

  1. The sick person, who suffers from a non-chronic disease and proves this according to a legal medical report, and is waiting until his recovery, then taken to perform military service

  2. Military service for assigned secondary school students is also postponed until they complete their education, unless they are over 22 years old, and vocational school students, unless they are over 25 years old, as well as university students, higher vocational institutes and colleges until they graduate, unless they reach 28 years old.

  3. Imprisoned to serve their sentence.

  4. Assignees who have graduated from a university education of more than four years and undergo higher education outside Turkey are deferred until the end of the 35th year of their age. The education is recognized by the relevant Turkish institutions.

  5. Those with technical or scientific talents and capabilities, or those who carry out research during the educational process or introduce something new at the global level, or those who practice active sports, may postpone their service until the end of their 35 years of age.

As for the length of service, the military service period was previously (12) months, i.e. a full year, but it has recently decreased, reaching (6) months.

Military service allowance in Turkey:

It is a term used to shorten the period of military service in return for the payment of a sum of money. The case of Turkey in this field is like the whole world. It has allocated a financial figure to be paid by the person concerned to the state, and this law is not a modern innovation in it, and the military allowance law has been applied since the Ottoman era, Conditional on the presence of sufficiency in the army, and the Constitutional Court has held that the payment of military service allowance is not contrary to military equality. Persons who can pay military service allowance:

  • Male Turkish citizens who have completed the age of 18 and live inside Turkish territory, according to periodic laws and regulations issued within certain periods of time.

  • Male Turkish citizens who have completed 18 years of age and have been outside Turkey for at least 3 years.

  • For Turkish citizens who live within Turkish territory who have completed 12 years of age, decisions and laws are issued during certain periods that allow them to pay the allowance according to specific conditions, and these decisions are temporary and linked to the laws governing them.

The value of the military service allowance was recently set at 39,788 Turkish liras, and the value of the allowance may change every year, and a decision is issued by the Ministry of Defense, circulated in the Official Gazette.

Note: The Turkish taxpayer residing outside Turkey must pay the value of this amount in euros, via bank deposit in the manner indicated to him by the consulate of the Turkish Republic in the country in which he resides.

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