Nationality by Origin

By virtue of the old relationship between the Arabs and the Ottomans during the days of the Ottoman Empire, cases of kinship and intermarriage arose between the two parties, and cases of lineage appeared in many Arab families, and after the great development that Turkey witnessed at all levels, many of these wanted to obtain Turkish citizenship and obtain the Turkish passport, which enjoys With a good rank in the world, and after the amendments made to the Nationality Law on 09/19/2018, the law allowed people with first-degree Ottoman origins the right to apply and obtain Turkish citizenship. In this article, we will discuss with you the required papers and how to apply for citizenship Turkish by origins.

Documents required applying for Turkish citizenship through assets:

  • Any paper proving Ottoman origin can be submitted in the application (Ottoman family statement, birth certificate, Ottoman passport, Ottoman military ID)

  • Obtaining a kinship document and that this kinship is of the first degree (grandfather, grandmother, father, mother, uncle, aunt) can be obtained from the Ottoman archives,

The Ottoman Archives: It is a group of historical sources dating back to the Ottoman era and all kinds of documents are preserved in it, and it includes documents of interest to 39 different countries. I found the required document. You will get a copy of it after paying the required bill.

Conditions for obtaining Turkish citizenship through proof of assets:

  • Obtaining a Turkish government document called (Ottoman Origins Document)

  • Obtaining residency in Turkey

  • A health certificate proving that he is free of serious diseases.

  • Good conduct and behavior, and not to pose a threat to Turkish national security.

  • Translating documents and papers into modern Turkish, and attesting them by the Maqam and Notary Public.

  • Hiring a lawyer to search for Ottoman assets to confirm the authenticity and conformity of documents in the Ottoman archives

  • After completing the matching and verifying the authenticity of the document, a lawsuit is filed with the Administrative Court in Ankara, and the court reviews and studies the application for a period of up to six months, which are the stages that the application for citizenship goes through, then the approval comes to the souls to issue a citizenship decision and the rest of the procedures.

Stages of obtaining citizenship through proof of assets:

  • Collect the required documents after fulfilling all the stipulated conditions

  • The presence of Turkish relatives to testify in court with the applicant who will claim Turkish citizenship

  • Opening an invitation through the competent court by the lawyer after bringing the required documents

  • After the end of the court and obtaining the decision, the procedures are followed up by the lawyer, and the lawyer registers for citizenship in the central souls in the state in which the claimant resides

  • After registering and submitting the application for citizenship, the applicant will be given a file number (Başvur Numarası) to track the naturalization file online

  • The file is submitted to the Directorate of General Souls in Ankara, and the process of court review and study in Ankara takes a period ranging from four to six months until approval comes until the owner of the file obtains the final decision of naturalization to receive the Turkish identity

  • For residents outside Turkey who have proof of parentage, and a valid residence permit for two years in Turkey, they can apply to the Turkish embassy or consulate in the country in which they reside

Finally, it should be noted that when a person obtains Turkish citizenship through Turkish or Ottoman origins, citizenship is granted to all children, whether they are over 18 years old or under 18 years old, and whether they are single or married.

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