Nationality through work permit

In recent years, obtaining Turkish citizenship through investment has become a popular topic in the Arab world, but investment is not the only way to obtain this citizenship, as those who have lived in Turkey for a period of time and meet some other conditions can also acquire the right to Turkish citizenship, and this The law on obtaining Turkish citizenship by public application is called.

In this article, we will learn about how to obtain Turkish citizenship through a work permit, what are the conditions and procedures necessary for this, the documents required to obtain Turkish citizenship through a work permit, and how long it will take to obtain it.

Work residency is one of the residencies granted to foreigners employed in Turkish companies. The company obtains a work permit from the Ministry of Labor for the foreigner to be employed and then applies for residency for him. It is granted for one year, and then renewed for two or three years. One of the parents has a work permit, so the rest of the family members (husband / wife / children) are entitled to obtain a residence permit corresponding to the duration of the work permit for the accompanying person. There are several advantages enjoyed by those who obtained a work permit in Turkey, such as obtaining health insurance for the worker and his family, in addition To children entering various public schools, and obtaining a pension after the age of sixty, and most importantly: the possibility of obtaining Turkish citizenship after five years.

Conditions for obtaining a work permit in Turkey

The conditions for work permit in Turkey / work residence are determined in:

  1. To obtain a work permit, a tourist residence is required, with a validity period of not less than one month.

  2. The company has to employ five Turks for every foreign employee, with the exception of the company owner.

  3. The company's capital must not be less than 100 thousand Turkish liras.

  4. The company pays all taxes incurred by the state.

  5. The company's obligation to pay all its social insurances.

Conditions for obtaining Turkish citizenship through work permit

Article Eleven of the Turkish Citizenship Acquisition Law stipulated special conditions for acquiring Turkish citizenship through a work permit, which are:

  1. Possess the legal capacity to act in accordance with the law in his country of origin, and in the case of statelessness, the capacity according to Turkish law.

  2. Residence in Turkey for five years without interruption, and Turkish law has allowed leaving Turkish territory for a period not exceeding a total of three hundred and sixty days during the period of full residence.

  3. Proof of intent to permanently reside in Turkey, such as buying a property, setting up a business, etc.

  4. Possessing sufficient ability to speak Turkish, which enables him to practice his daily life and communicate with his surroundings.

  5. To have an income or profession with a legitimate source that makes him able to support himself and his dependents in Turkey.

  6. The person is free of any contagious diseases or that may affect public health, by conducting examinations in one of the approved hospitals or medical centers.

  7. Possess a good character and a good biography.

  8. A clean criminal record, as no ruling was issued against him by the Turkish judiciary affecting criminal, economic or political security.

  9. Not to be a person who poses a threat to Turkish national security.

  10. Undertaking to respect the regulations and laws in force in Turkey

What are the documents required to obtain Turkish citizenship by work permit?

  1. A copy of the passport translated into Turkish, notarized by the notary

  2. Four pyrometric images

  3. Birth certificate.

  4. Social status certificate.

  5. Health report.

  6. Documents showing income status.

  7. A document showing the number of days of stay.

  8. A valid residence permits card and a copy of it.

  9. A receipt showing payment of fees.

  10. A special agency for a lawyer to conduct the citizenship transaction.

  11. Attestation of all documents issued by the country of origin from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the mother country, and their translation into Turkish, and these documents are certified by the Turkish Consulate in the source country.

After submitting all the papers, the stage of obtaining citizenship lasts between 3 months to 6 months

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