New amendments regarding the issue of tourist residences

The Turkish Immigration Department has issued new amendments regarding the issue of tourist residences, whether the application is for the first time or is for renewal.
1- Under the new amendment, with regard to the submission for the first time, it became necessary for the personal presence of the property owner and the tenant and the organization of the lease contract with the notary, in an effort by the Immigration Department to eliminate the fictitious lease contracts
2- With regard to the renewal of the tourist residence permit, the Immigration Department maintained the previous decision, which stipulated that the residence document should be submitted as a residence address.
3- In some cases, it has become possible to replace the lease contract with the so-called (taahhüt name), which is organized by the tenant with the notary (the notary) and undertakes to host the person in his home and bind him at the same address.
But it will not be completely free to host an unlimited number of people, as the decision allowed the tenant and his wife the right for each of them to host only two people.
4- Residence owners and those who wish to restrict their souls are now obligated to restrict souls exclusively to the Immigration Department and not to the Directorate of Souls to which their place of residence belongs.
These were the most important decisions that were issued and are awaiting further explanation and clarification by the Immigration Department in the next few days

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