new clarification on the amendment of the Turkish Citizenship

A new clarification was issued on the amendment of the Turkish Citizenship Law on 01/21-2022, in which many ambiguous matters regarding the amendment of the Turkish Citizenship Law through investment were demystified, and the most important of which was:
The law was promulgated on January 21, 2022, meaning that the law does not apply to those who paid before the law was issued, even if one day before the law was issued.
The amount must be transferred to the seller’s account in Turkish lira exclusively, by (depositing the amount in dollars
In a local Turkish bank account,
Then the local bank will sell dollars to the central bank and buy the Turkish lira,The amount will then be transferred to the property seller in Turkish lira exclusively)
The local bank to whom the dollar amount was sent and he sold foreign currencies to the Central Bank of Turkey will give the buyer Döviz Alım Belgesi, called in Arabic (Currency Purchase Certificate), this certificate will include the name of the investor, the passport number or residence number, and the value of the foreign currencies, And the exchange rate at which the amount was exchanged into the Turkish lira, in addition to the value of the equivalent amount in the Turkish lira.
After this date, this document (Döviz Alım Belgesi) will be one of the basic papers in obtaining Turkish citizenship by purchasing a property, and after this date, transfer receipts from the buyer's account to the seller's account will not be satisfied.And the exchange rate mentioned in it will be the basis for determining the conditional amount for obtaining citizenship (250,000) dollars, in order to prevent any fraud or fraud by the seller and buyer in the process of evaluating the property.
Any violation of these conditions does not entitle you to apply for Turkish citizenship.
Acuad’s advice to you: When applying for a Turkish citizenship transaction, it must be supervised by a lawyer, because any unintended mistake or violation of the previous conditions may deprive you of obtaining Turkish citizenship, so it is necessary to appoint a lawyer with experience in Turkish law, and follow up on Turkish citizenship transactions.
This is what Acuad is distinguished by, as it has a special law firm to clear citizenship transactions for her valued clients

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