Permanent residence

After the facilities provided by Turkey to investors and other foreign arrivals to Turkey in order to attract a large number of tourists to support its national economy, Turkish residency has become a requirement for many people from different countries because residency in Turkey provides facilities in several aspects, tourism, investment, scientific and other.

It is known for the diversity of residences granted by the Turkish state to foreigners on its lands, including tourist, student and real estate residences, which need to be renewed annually and new transactions in each renewal, so some residents of Turkey wish to convert their residences to long-term residence (permanent residence). What is the difference between permanent residency and other residency? What are the conditions that must be met to obtain this residence? And how do you get them? And what are its features?

Permanent residence: It is one of the types of permits granted by the Turkish state to foreigners on its lands and allows them to permanently reside on its lands after fulfilling the conditions required for granting it.

Conditions for granting permanent residence:

Permanent residence is granted by state administrations and with the approval of the ministry to every foreigner who meets the following conditions:

  1. Residence on Turkish territory for eight years, legally and without interruption

  2. He has not received social assistance during the last three years

  3. The resident must have enough income to secure his livelihood and his family on a regular basis

  4. The resident must have valid health insurance.

  5. Not to be a person who poses a threat to public security in Turkey

Advantages of permanent residence in Turkey:

  1. The holder of permanent residence enjoys most of the rights granted to a Turkish citizen except for running for elections, applying for public jobs or importing cars from abroad

  2. The holder of permanent residence is exempted from the obligation to perform military service in Turkey

  3. The holder of permanent residence retains his acquired rights related to insurance

  4. Permanent residence is not limited to a specific period, it is permanent and indefinite

  5. The permanent resident has the right to rent or own real estate

  6. Establishment of personal or joint stock companies

  7. Applying for Turkish citizenship

  8. Children under the age of 18 are entitled to comprehensive health insurance, and to enroll in free schools in Turkey

Documents required applying for permanent residence:

  1. Application file for permanent residence

  2. Sufficient income statement

  3. Valid health insurance

  4. A copy of the previous residence

  5. A copy of the passport or travel document with the original

  6. Two passport size photographs

  7. Document proving that the applicant has not received any social assistance from any organization for the last three years

  8. uncontested document

  9. Residential address document

A person can stay 10 years on Turkish lands and is not entitled to obtain it because of violating some other conditions.

There are some restrictions on granting it, including:

  1. Permanent residency is not granted to refugees

  2. It is not granted to persons with subsidiary protection or humanitarian residence, and it is not granted to those who have been granted temporary protection

  3. If the residence applicant is less than 18 years old, the consent of the guardian, or any legal representative recognized in Turkey, must be obtained

A final note, obtaining permanent Turkish residency can be returned or it can be canceled after obtaining it for the following reasons

  1. That the alien poses a serious threat to public order and security.

  2. To reside outside Turkey for a period of more than one year without interruption, except for health conditions, education and compulsory public service in his country. However, those whose permanent residence has been canceled can apply for a decision request in order to obtain permanent residence again through administrative notes

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