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Many people today are heading to Turkey to start a new life, to start a new job, or even to feel comfortable and peaceful after their retirement. Benefiting from what the country has witnessed recently from the general advancement of various walks of life during the past few years, they apply for residence permits. Applications for obtaining residence in Turkey for the first time, or even renewing it, may face some difficulties and obstacles as a result of some problems or as a result of a lot of demand On Turkish residency, But when trying to obtain residency in Turkey by buying a property, the matter is different, because the real estate title deed (Tabu), may often be the key to the solution and it is easy to obtain residency for you and your family in Turkey. In this article, we will talk about real estate residency, and its conditions and the papers needed to extract it.

Real estate residence: It is a document, or a residence permit taken from the immigration departments in the Turkish states, that allows its holder to enjoy the rights of education, medical care and living in Turkey legally. This residency is temporary and needs to be renewed annually. This residency is granted to foreigners wishing to own and settle in Turkey, and the wife and family members, including children under the age of 18, have the right to obtain real estate residency.

Advantages of real estate residency: The advantages provided by real estate residency are attractive to most foreigners on Turkish lands, and they are:

  1. One of the most important advantages is the possibility of applying for Turkish citizenship, when buying real estate worth 250 thousand dollars.

  2. Residing legally in Turkish territory.

  3. The possibility of renewing the real estate residence permits very easily.

  4. The family of the owner of the property, including his wife and children less than 18 years of age, enjoys the rights of real estate residency.

  5. Freedom of movement between the Turkish states without restriction or condition of obtaining a travel permit from the Immigration Department.

  6. Access to educational services in Turkish schools and universities.

  7. Take advantage of free or large discounts of health benefits in Turkey, through medical care in Turkish hospitals.

  8. After 8 years of real estate residence in Turkey, permanent residence can be obtained.

Documents required applying for residence in Turkey:

  1. Passport valid for at least 6 months

  2. 5 personal photos with white background.

  3. Statement of your bank account.

  4. Real estate ownership contract.

  5. An insurance policy for the property against earthquakes.

  6. Tax number, obtained from the Turkish Tax Authority.

  7. A family record that is translated into Turkish, and certified by the Turkish embassy in his country.

  8. Consent by one of the parents to the other if he does not want to apply for a real estate residence permit indicating that he has no objection to allowing the other to obtain a residence permit for children under eighteen

  9. A Turkish health insurance document for the owner and his family members.

Duration of real estate residence:

Real estate residency may be granted for a full year or for two years, and this matter is up to the Directorate of Immigration. It is similar to the tourist residency in terms of duration, but differs in terms of the strength of its approval.

In terms of renewal, it is sufficient for the contract to be registered in the name of the applicant for the approval of the Directorate of Immigration without any impossible conditions.

Finally, we must remind you that Acuad can assist you in obtaining real estate residency, applying for grants and renewing them, and securing everything you need for that matter.

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