Real estate sales to foreigners

Turkey is experiencing a remarkable turnout by foreigners, especially Arabs, for real estate investment and real estate purchase, especially after the decision to grant Turkish nationalities to foreigners once they invest in real estate in 2018. The number of properties sold to foreigners last year amounted to 220 thousand and 351 properties.

The number of properties sold to foreigners in Istanbul in the past eight years has reached 83,815 properties, and thus the city of Istanbul has topped the sales of properties to foreigners in Turkey. The properties sold to foreigners last year in Turkey amounted to 40,812 properties, according to the statistics of the Turkish Statistics Authority. The Corona epidemic also negatively affected the buying and selling movements, as last year witnessed a decrease in real estate sales to foreigners in general. Compared to the year before [2019], the rate of decline was 10.2%.

Istanbul was followed by the city of Antalya in southern Turkey in the number of real estate sales to foreigners, which amounted to 51,845 properties, followed by Bursa with 11895 properties.

Iraqis ranked first in the list of foreigners who bought the most real estate in Turkey, followed by Iranians, Saudis, Russians and Afghans.

Continuing to grow despite the Corona crisis:

Most of the industrial sectors in the world's largest economies were affected, while the Turkish government took control and preserved its economy by developing a plan to mitigate and mitigate the effects of the pandemic.

Despite the slight decline in the percentage of real estate sales, it is a very positive percentage, despite the presence of general closures, and it has been proven that the real estate sales sector is the least affected by the Corona crisis.


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