Residence document

The Turkish Immigration Presidency concerned with regulating the presence of foreigners in Turkey requires their residence to be confirmed and the issuance of residence documents in the region in which they reside. The same condition is for holders of temporary protection cards (Kamalik) for Syrian refugees. Those who neglect to establish their residence object to penalties that may reach deportation if the V-71 code is placed on the resident registered for this, and some suffer from not knowing how to extract the residence document, as this document has become a necessity in many legal transactions.

Documents required installing housing in Turkey:

  1. Book an appointment at the General directorate of population and citizenship affairs. in the municipality in which the house in which the address of residence will be installed is located

  2. Lease contract in the name of the person who wants to install, or go with the person who wants to register with him at the same address

  3. Residence or property

  4. A bill (electricity, water, gas) to verify the address in the contract

After preparing the necessary papers, the person must review the General directorate of population and citizenship affairs and submit the papers, in order to obtain a form from the responsible employee.

Then the person can extract the residence document from the e-government portal program

In the end, the population and citizenship affairs. registration paper is a very important paper for foreigners residing on Turkish territory. It is required when registering at school, opening an account in the bank, establishing a commercial company, or obtaining a professional license in the municipality. It is also requested when renewing the tourist residence and is requested in order to apply for a residence permit. Turkish citizenship, registration in United Nations aid, and application for immigration to foreign countries and for all family unification transactions in Turkey

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