Residence work in Turkey (1)

Residence work in Turkey (1)

It is an official permit to practice work within the Turkish territory and reside in the country legally. It is granted to foreign employees in licensed Turkish companies, where the company extracts the work permit for the employee there.

Work residence features:

The work permit provides its holder with many advantages, the most important of which are:

  • Treatment at the state's expense in all state hospitals

  • Benefit from the retirement pension after the age of sixty

  • Obtaining Turkish citizenship after the fifth year

  • Children get the opportunity to get an education in Turkey for free

  • Take advantage of the powers offered by the Turkish government to the owners of work permits

  • The possibility of entering and exiting to and from Turkey without the need for a prior visa

  • Family members obtaining residency

How can I obtain a work permit?

The work permit can be obtained in two ways, either as an employee, a manager or a partner in the company

The first method: to be an employee of a Turkish company, and the company can obtain a work permit or set up work for you

You cannot apply on your own to obtain a work permit, but the director of the company, in coordination with the accountant, must submit the application to obtain it for you, as Turkish law prohibits work on foreigners without extracting it and obliges the company to extract it for foreign workers then and it is necessary to approve the work permit application from the company that is available in the company the following conditions:

  • The company's capital is not less than 100 thousand Turkish liras (according to Turkish law).

  • The company should have at least 5 Turkish employees for every foreigner it wants to hire, with the exception of the company owner.

  • For partners wishing to obtain a work permit without the condition of appointing Turks for the first year, your share in the capital must not be less than 40,000 liras.

  • The company must pay all its taxes with the state

  • The company must pay all social insurances with the state

The owner of the company, after appointing the Turks, adjusting the capital and extracting the required papers, will apply for a work residence in Turkey for you, and within a period ranging from approximately 30-45 days from the date of submission, the result will appear and you will obtain the residence or the so-called work permit.

The second method: to establish a company and obtain a work permit or work permit as the owner or manager of the company, which is the easiest way to obtain residency, and the owners of companies are exempt from some of the conditions for obtaining a work permit as a condition of appointing 5 Turkish employees to obtain residency from the first One year, but he can obtain it immediately, but other conditions must be met by the company, and the person can obtain residency while outside Turkey by going to the Turkish embassy in his country, and adding children under 18 years of age to the file.

- The duration of the work permit is a year when it is obtained for the first time, and after the end of the year, it is obtained by two years and then by three years until the completion of five years

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