Student Accommodation

In its constant quest to support and encourage science and culture, the Turkish state has facilitated the procedures for granting student visas to foreigners who are abroad and who have obtained university admission in a Turkish university for their entry into Turkish territory, and also allowed them to extract student residence, and facilitated the procedures for obtaining it.

In this article, we will talk about student accommodation and the papers needed to obtain it

Student residence: It is a legal residence document granted to foreign students that contains information about the student, his name, date of birth, gender, nationality and a personal photo, and the residence can be renewed annually until the completion of the study years.

The student must apply for student residence as well as tourist residence before he completes 90 days in Turkey starting from the date of his entry, or during the validity of the entry visa if it is less than 90 days as well.

Conditions for obtaining student residence in Turkey:

  1. Obtaining a student data document from the university or institute in which the person studies

  2. Not to be one of the foreigners who have been prevented from entering Turkey.

  3. Submit a document or address proving his residence in Turkey.

Documents required obtaining student residence:

  1. Book an appointment with the Directorate of Immigration to submit the application

  2. Student Document ÖĞRENCİ BELGESİ

  3. Student residence application form

  4. tax number

  5. Valid health insurance

  6. passport

  7. Title document or lease contract certified by a notary

  8. Biometric selfies

  9. A copy of the fee payment receipt

After that, all these papers are put in one workbook, and they go to the Immigration Directorate at the time of the interview and submit the papers, and then wait for the residency to be issued

Advantages of student accommodation:

The advantages of student residence are similar to the advantages of other types of residence in addition to:

  1. The student residence does not require the creation of a bank account for the student or one of the parents.

  2. It is not required to submit an annual rental contract and a title deed for the rented house.

  3. It allows students to obtain a reduced transportation card that can be used to ride any type of public transportation for only 57.5 Turkish lira per month.

  4. Undergraduate and postgraduate students can work in Turkey on condition of obtaining a work permit from the Ministry of Labor, except for university students in the first stage; they are not entitled to do so until after the end of the first academic year.

Student Residence Renewal:

Student residence is granted two years as long as the remainder of his university life is more than or equal to two years. The student residence is renewed every year for the duration of the study, and becomes void after graduation ten days, as the graduate student must then issue a new residence other than the student residence in proportion to his goal from staying on Turkish soil. The renewal date is booked 60 days before the expiry date of the stay

Finally, as for the English language institutes, they do not give the student residence permit. As for the recognized Turkish language institutes, they authorize him to obtain it, as the student is required to obtain an acceptance from a Turkish language institute in order to be able to obtain a student residence.

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